Deciding Whether To Get Your Tooth Extracted Or Not


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At some point or another, we have all suffered with tooth pain or looked at our teeth and wished that perhaps they looked a little different. In some cases, people have teeth that have become crooked and start to interfere with the other teeth and their surrounding area. Sometimes, extraction becomes a good idea but why do other people try their best to keep their teeth?


More cost effective

A common belief is that by pulling a tooth means that it will be more cost effective. You might be right but for some time there will be gaps in your teeth line. Most people will want to replace the extracted tooth and as such people think that saving the existing tooth is more cost effective.


Keep your good looks

Perhaps something that might slip the mind if under an immense amount of pain, not only would you have a gap, but the roots are pulled as well. This can leave you with a gap and a crater in your jaw. However, if you do decide to have your tooth pulled, there are other procedures that can be done too, which might help to enhance your good looks. Check out your local dental professionals such as a North Shore dentist who can advise you on what they have to offer.


Less time in the dentist chair

Once a tooth is pulled, your dentist may suggest a crown, a bridge, an implant, or some other kind of method to prevent the likelihood of the teeth moving. It is quite natural for the existing teeth to move after an extraction. This usually results in needing more visits to your dentist and more time sat in that chair.


Less pain to endure

Sometimes, having a tooth pulled can mean that you end up with more pain than you started with. Complications can arise depending on the size of the tooth and the reason for it being pulled. However, you should understand that your tooth is extracted for a reason. If you delay it any longer, the complications might even be worse.


Existing teeth are generally stronger

Generally speaking, our natural teeth are stronger than artificial ones and you should find that they do their job better too. However, advancements in teeth manufacturing have come up with some ways to make artificial ones almost as strong as most people’s teeth.


Pull or not to pull?

**Image Source: Freepik

First of all, the question is aimed at whether to have or not to have an extraction done. It is not whether you should or should not perform the procedure yourself. This question is something that only your dentist can answer. Why would you want to remove a tooth unless you absolutely have to? Maybe you are in an excruciating amount of pain and the only chance of relief is to have it extracted. Although the reasons for keeping a tooth outweigh the reasons for getting it pulled, there are those circumstances where extraction really is the best option. Let your dentist decide upon that one.


Your dentist might suggest extraction in extreme cases. They will only recommend that as a last resort. Make sure to ask if the option of a root canal is possible. This could mean that you save the tooth, some money, and your good looks all in one go.

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