5 Ways That Your Dog Makes Your Life Happy


If you’re a dog parent, you know just how these fluffs can turn rainy days to sunshine and take you from feeling down to laughing in just a moment. If you aren’t a dog parent (yet), you’re missing out, there’s a lot of best family dogs that you can choose from! 

Here are countless ways that your dog makes your life happy, but here are 5 of the best reasons to get a fluff. 

They Make Us Laugh 

Dogs don’t care what anyone thinks, which is why they’re so comfortable being goofy. When last did your pup’s antics make you laugh? If laughter is the best medicine, then dogs must be the best healers! 

Whether it’s chasing a fly, yowling at something they don’t like, or just rolling around on a scratchy patch of carpet, they’re great at turning our frowns upside down and bringing good energy to a room. 

They Keep Us Active 

Pups seem to find energy out of nowhere, especially if it involves a walk or a toy! It’s easy for us to put that 5-mile run off until tomorrow… Unless you have an excited pooch that you just can’t disappoint. 

Not only do our dogs get us out and about, they remind us to be grateful for the opportunity to spend time in nature. Has your dog ever seemed bored on a run around the neighborhood? It may be the same place, but they see it with new eyes and a new sense of joy every time. But don’t forget to get them on leash if you’ll go into a place where they should be tame. 

They’re Easy To Cuddle 

We all need a cuddle from time to time. There’s something special about pup cuddles! No matter the time of day, weather, or situation, our dogs are up for snuggles at any time. 

Comfort cuddles, loving cuddles, warm cuddles, playful cuddles... Whatever type of snuggling you’re keen for, your pup will be on board. They love being close to you! 

They Comfort Us When We’re Down 

Dogs just know when we’re upset. They have an amazing sense of how their beloved parents are feeling. When they know we’re sad, they just want to help. 

Whether it’s some goofy antics to get us to smile, or simply sitting with us in silence, they know exactly what to do. When you need a shoulder to cry on, your furry friend is perfect support

They Keep Us Company 

It’s hard to be lonely when you’ve got a dog. You’ll have company when you’re cooking for one, binge-watching Netflix, or even when you’re in the bathroom. Or if you’ll go for a swim, you can even buy them their own pool!

They don’t just sit quietly in the background, either. Your dog loves being involved in what you’re doing. He’ll be your partner in crime or just your movie-watching buddy! He just loves your company. 


Who doesn’t want to be greeted by a cuddly, smiley, happy-to-see-you fluff when you walk through the door? Or be met by those loving, understanding eyes when you’re feeling sad? 

If you need a bit more happiness in your life or want to make your life better, get a dog! If you’re already a dog parent, don’t take your fluff for granted. 

These fluff balls are always full of good vibes! 

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