Things You Should Know Before Buying An Antique Bed

If you are enchanted with the idea of an antique bed, there is indeed much to consider. The styles are varied, and your first choice would be wood or metal. Timber beds go right back to the Renaissance period and a solid Victorian four-poster would make for a wonderful investment, while metal-framed beds came into play around the mid-19th century.

Stamps, Impressions & Marks

The metal framed bed should have some kind of mark, which might be in the form of a maker’s stamp, a lot number, or just a date, so you should thoroughly examine a frame if you are thinking of making a purchase.

Brass Beds

The ultimate in style and elegance, a brass Edwardian double bed would make a great investment, with elegant porcelain castors for easy movement, and engraved brass as a decorative feature. If a brass bed is well-made, it will last for many years and if it is an antique, it has already endured a century of use.


The Classic Four-Poster

It is hardly surprising that four-posters are in great demand, and with superb mahogany creations and brass designs, there are many styles. This would be a considerable investment, but a wise one nevertheless, as fine four-poster beds are always in demand. A colonial, square style might be just the thing, or you might prefer a solid Victorian mahogany design, which was built to last and is the ideal choice for the romantic lover of fine furniture.


Buying From A Reputable Antique Dealer

If you know nothing about antique beds, an online search will take you to a list of antique dealers worth checking out. You are bound to find one where you can view a wide range of timber and metal antique and vintage beds. The dealer would know a great deal about each item’s history, plus you can rest assured that an established dealer would only sell genuine antiques. In the event you are looking for something very specific, the dealer would be able to help, as he would have an online network with all UK dealers, all he needs are a few details.


Authentic Or Reproduction?

The easiest way to find out if what you are looking at is the real thing is by looking at the antique beds online on LoveAntiques.com, a leading UK dealer with an extensive catalogue of fine antiques covering every period. Unless you really know your stuff, you could end up paying a lot for a good reproduction, and a considerable investment demands professional appraisal. As a general rule, any bed made from aluminium is a reproduction, as cast-iron was mainly used with antique frames, along with brass, which looks stunning.

There are many good reproductions, so do be careful when you are looking at auctions and other places, and buying from a respected antique dealer is the best way to ensure the item is genuine. Consider your bed as more than just a comfortable sleeping platform, as it is also a good long-term investment. As with all genuine antiques, the greatest of care should be taken to ensure that the item is in good order.


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