4 Lessons On How BellaVita Adapted to the New Normal

As the future is still uncertain with positive cases for COVID-19 rising every day, a lot of businesses have employed a lot of innovative ways to keep their operations running. While some have found success, some haven’t and since closed operations due to the pandemic. 

Especially for the real estate industry, it’s a struggle to fully adapt to the digital world as face-to-face transactions are vital. However, if BellaVita can do it, you can do it too. 

Here are 4 lessons that you can take on how BellaVita adapted to the new normal. 

Keeping the health of the employees as the top priority 

More than ever, it’s important to keep your trusted employees in their best condition as they’re the engine that keeps the business running. This is exactly how BellaVita was able to cope up with the pandemic and adjust to the new normal. 

They readily developed a Business Continuity Plan to prepare for any possible scenarios that may affect their employees and their families, as well as their patrons and possible clients. 

Maximizing remote work applications 

Since employees are trained to close deals using face-to-face techniques, BellaVita made sure to coach their teams to use sales strategies that work online. They do this by conducting a series of webinars. 

Teams are also encouraged to engage in their day-to-day tasks through general assemblies, meetings, and other relevant team activities. 

Boosting internal morale amid a hard time 

The pandemic has caused a lot of stress and anxieties, which is why it’s important to maintain the morale of the teams. BellaVita does this by capitalizing on what’s trending like a Tiktok video contest or a Mobile Legends tournament. 

Through these activities, they are able to uplift the employees’ morale as well as their personal spirits to face the challenges of this outbreak. 

Maintaining their offices open for suggestions 

Not one business knows what’s in store for them in the coming months – and BellaVita is no exception. This is why they keep their offices open if any of their teams have suggestions on how they can adjust better to the new normal. 

By collaborating this way, they and their teams are on the same page on the current status of the business and their jobs.

It may be a challenge at first, but BellaVita is able to keep the business going amid this trying time. From what they show, it’s important to never settle and always be open for adjustments. This way, they can easily devise strategies to better adapt and resolve all concerns of this pandemic. 

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