What Type of Skateboard is Best for Beginners?

Skateboarding is considered one of the most exciting sports. Searching for the right skateboard can be a daunting task for the beginner because of its various styles, different shapes, and looks.

If you’re puzzled about what type of skateboard is best for beginners, you’re at the right place. We’ve made your trouble easy by preparing this guideline to buy the right type of skateboard according to the needs of your kid or yourself.

Keep reading the whole article to know the pros and cons of different skateboards so that you can decide the right one within your budget.

Types of Skateboards

Longboard Skateboards

In general, longboard skateboards are 33 inches or longer but they are available in different shapes and sizes. If you want to read a full guide on types of skateboard so you can check out Scooterlay site. 

Longboard skateboards are 3 types:

Pintail boards prevent the board from touching the wheel and provides enough space for your feet.

Twin tip boards have a symmetric nose and tail and provide traction and grip on downhill.

Cruiser longboards feature manoeuvrability and turning ability to the rider.


      Provides stability to the beginners

      Wheel size provides fast going

      Ride smoothly even in rough roads

      Great for manoeuvrability for beginners


      Not perfect for tricks and flips

      Carrying or transporting is not possible

Cruiser Skateboards

Cruiser skateboards are used in city and street flat roads. Get from one place to another easily with cruisers. This is the greatest advantage of short skateboards.

It lets you make tighter turns because of its Shorter length of deck.


      Transport and cruise around with great flexibility

      Can be fit in your backpack.

      Ensures smooth ride

      Helps to turn tight to dodge obstacles


      Can’t be used to go fast

      Has a less stability for beginners

      Not good for tricks and flips

Mini Cruiser Skateboards

Typically used in downhill, flat roads, and park and bowl. Like cruiser skateboards, mini cruisers are also small. They have become very popular since they can be made of wood or plastic.

Mini cruiser skateboards can be the best starter for beginners and are more convenient to fit in a tiny place.

The pro skateboarders also like these mini cruiser skateboards for practicing different styles.


      Great flexibility on cruising around and transport

      Also fits your backpack to carry or transport

      Allows carves and tight turns

      Provides a smooth ride.

      Good for tricks and flips


     Not for high speed

     Provides low

     Provides poor maneuverability

Carve Skateboards

Carve skateboards are mostly chosen by the surfers. They push the boundaries between skate and surf.

Unlike common skateboards, special front trucks are used to design carve boards that allows tilt to the front trucks and the wheels while changing the direction

It is possible to generate your own speed by pumping forward and backwards like surfing.


      Allows you to generate self-speed

      Helps perfect your surfing skills

      Ease your carrying and transporting

      Deep carves are possible

      Helps pump effortlessly.


      Doesn’t provide speed going

      Poor stability for beginners

      Provides less maneuverability to beginners

      Tricks and flips are not possible

Double kick skateboard

The latest invention in skateboarding sport is the kick tail. Double kick skateboards have two kicks at the board’s end that helps execute all manners in flip tricks.


      Great for grinding, park skating, street skating.

      Transport and cruising is comfortable

      Allows carrying and transporting.


     Bad choice for long and speed going.

What Type of Skateboard is Best for Beginners?

Determine the best skateboard considering your skating type and the budget you have. There are many skateboards available which are suitable for starting.

The choice goes upon your uses and budget.

No doubt there are many brands manufacturing boards with great visuals and artwork but you have to pay attention to shape and features.

Narrow down your decision considering the stability as a beginner. Don’t let the artwork fool you.

After making the decision whether you’re going for longboarding or a double kick skateboard, be careful about the width.

We recommend you buy a board with decent width because they will provide you great stability and enough foot space for better weight distribution while on the board.

You are recommended to try different sizes of skateboard to find out the best suit for you. The deck width should be proportional to your foot size. 8.0 to 8.5 is a recommended size.


Do not forget to wear safety gadgets before starting your ride. Stop thinking about flipping or tricking if you’re not experienced enough.

If you’re still hesitant about the best skateboard for a beginner like you, feel free to ask any experienced skateboarder.

Do not forget to take a look at the size chart.

Happy skating!

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