Sightsavers Travels To Zambia To Offer Treatment To Children Diagnosed With Blinding Trachoma

Change is a beautiful thing, and it is only through the efforts of people who are dedicated that we can see the change that we want. The world is filled with diversity and people who are unique in their way. By working as one united front, we can achieve the changes that we want to bring out and improve the lives of countless people all over the world.

This is an ideology that Sightsavers, a global organization lives by. The organization has been working towards a lot of projects and initiatives that can change the way in which people are offered care. One of the recent endeavors that the organization has taken on was in the rural parts of Zambia. This was a place where people were continually being diagnosed with a condition known as blinding trachoma. The organization realized this issue that was being faced by the people of this area and also identified that the people here were lacking medical care.

The Sight Savers blog has an interesting article about the impact that the organization was having on the community in this area. A lot of the programs that were being carried out were with regards to offering treatment to these people. The first things that the organization has been working towards were providing eye screenings to all of the people in these villages. One of the main areas where these tests and screenings were conducted was the Lewanika Hospital. This was one of the few places in the city that were known for offering a range of treatment options to people and were also some of the more prominent places where people affected by this disorder would go to.

One of the main doctors that the organization has worked with at the hospital was Dr. Ndalela. Dr. Nadlela had been traveling around the country, offering his services to some of the poorest people in the country. He had been working with a number of patients in the past, offering them services with regards to different treatments. He describes the work that he does as more of a calling, rather than his job, which is why he has been so passionate about helping people and extending a helping hand to them.

The blog published on the website talks about Dr. Nadlelas interactions with children who had been diagnosed with this condition. After traveling with the organization for an extended period, he came to a destination that had a few children sitting outside what appeared to be their home. The doctor decided to give them a quick examination and was soon able to conclude that they were experiencing the condition that had been sweeping over that part of the country. Because of the progression of the disorder, he concluded that the children would completely lose their sight within three years.

Even though there are people like Dr. Nadlela all over the world, actively working towards improving the conditions of people who are diagnosed with diseases like this, one of the biggest problems that people face is the accessibility to the right kind of medical care that they need.

This is why organizations like Sightsavers are needed by communities across the world. Organizations like these work towards implementing all that these people would need to improve their lives and get treated for the conditions that they have been diagnosed with. Traveling to the remote areas within the country is one challenge in this situation, and the accessibility to proper medical care is another. There is no doubt that the care that is given can save lives, and be able to offer it is something that Sightsavers has been working towards. 

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