What You Need To Know About Hearts And Arrows Diamonds

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Every market has its most-recognized product or person, and there’s only a place for one big icon. For instance, we can’t really talk about cricket without mentioning Shane Warne - the icon of cricketing. Or, if we talk about rock and roll, it’s Elvis who was, and always will be, the king.

The same goes for diamond jewellry. The hearts and arrows diamonds are no doubt the most well-known masterpiece that people associate diamonds with.

Never heard of it? That’s okay, here’s our definitive guide to everything you need to know about hearts and arrows diamonds.

What Exactly Are Hearts and Arrows?

Firstly, let’s define what we are talking about. The term “hearts and arrows” refers to the eight arrows and eight hearts that you can see from both the top and bottom of a round brilliant cut diamond that boasts a high-quality cut. There doesn’t seem to be an official industry standard for hearts and arrows, but there are a few things you can look for in a diamond that indicates whether or not the stone is a high quality.

An ideally cut diamond will typically show eight symmetrical arrows when you look through the top of it. Then, when you flip the diamond over to look through it from below, you’ll notice eight symmetrical hearts. Due to the incredible amount of skill needed to create perfectly symmetrical hearts and arrows, these stones are considered to be super ideal.

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Where Do Hearts and Arrows Come From?

Back in the 1980s, Japanese jewellers were the first to discover the sensational kaleidoscope effect of the round brilliant diamonds. Then, diamonds didn’t have perfect hearts and arrows patterns. As soon as the Japanese understood the potential of the kaleidoscope effect, they started to hone their cutting techniques and other cutting houses around the globe soon followed suit.

If a Diamond Is Ideally Cut, Does It Have Hearts and Arrows?

The simple answer here is no.

Not every diamond with an excellent or ideal cut qualifies as a hearts and arrows diamond. The symmetry precision tends to form when a cutter takes extra care in polishing each individual facet to make sure there are exact angles and proportions.

You should be careful when shopping for hearts and arrows diamonds as many vendors often mislabel ideal cuts. What’s more, just because a diamond does have hearts and arrows doesn’t mean it is a super ideal cut. In fact, super ideal cut usually refers to a diamond’s light performance, whereas hearts and arrows refer to the diamond’s symmetry.

Looking At a Hearts and Arrows Image

There are a few things that will help you determine if a diamond is really hearts and arrows, such as:

·  Clefts between hearts
· V’s of the hearts in alignment
·  Tops of hearts shouldn’t be flat
·No gaps between Vs and hearts
· Eight equally sized and symmetrical hearts

Now that you have a good understanding of hearts and arrows, and what to look for, you can shop with confidence.

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