Iceland: A Majestic Place to Visit

When asked what comes to mind upon hearing the word Iceland, you’ll probably get “ice” or “snow” for an answer. I was once guilty of that, too, but as I aged, I came to realize that Iceland is nothing but a place for a laid back person like me. After browsing the internet for some pictures, I was left with awe. Iceland is a region that belongs to the Nordic countries in Northern Europe. The infrastructures would make one have a second and more appreciative look, and nature would go one silent, if not overwhelmed, by its sharp contrasts. Far from the notion of any regular person like me who thought that Iceland is only all about snow and cold weather, glaciers and winter and mittens, surprisingly Iceland is a country of active volcanoes and hot springs, too! What could be more thrilling than living in a country surrounded by active volcanoes?! In actuality, some parts of the country had been destroyed by volcanic eruptions and seismic activities. But this fact does not make Iceland any less of a beautiful place to visit. Iceland offers a lot of majestic sceneries not only for those who love nature so much but also to those who seek for an adventure as well. Anytime you'd like to visit Iceland and if you're traveling from the U.S., save on airport parking.

Here are the places that will make you include Iceland on your bucket list:


Image source: http://www.iceland.is/press-media/photos

Jokulsarlon Lagoon
The country’s geothermal field gives Iceland its nature’s sharp contrasts. While it is at the edge of the Arctic Circle, its active volcanoes heat the underground water giving rise to geysers.

The two prominent geysers are Geysir and Strokkur. You need quite the lucky star to see the Geysir erupt but Strokkur, the smaller of the two, is very active and explodes every 10 to 15 minutes every day and night. The pressure underground pushes its water 15 to 20 meters high, even 40 meters at times!

Still, nothing beats the old Geysir as it jets its water to a height of 122 meters! The ice-blue colors of the geysers can trick the mind into thinking that the waters are still ice cold but the numerous hot springs and mineral-rich mud pools surrounding the Geysir and Strokkur serves enough warning to the enchanted tourists.

In South, East Iceland lay one of the country’s most touristic spot - a lagoon of black sand and floating icebergs. Its icebergs come from the melting glaciers of the Atlantic Ocean (yep, the very same ocean where Titanic sank. Who knows, you may find your Jack here.)

The silence of the lake and the blissful sound of cracking icebergs nearing the shore make serenity within reach for every tourist. The picturesque scene of milkish white, black or blue blocks of ice also add to the charisma of the lagoon. The colors of the icebergs are not by pigment but by the interaction of the air trapped inside, the ice crystals and the light. It’s unsurprising that this makes the place an enjoyable visit during the sunrise and sunset when light can play with the ice and effortlessly leave us speechless.

Blue Lagoon

Although human-made, the lagoon is not cut from its unique string with raw nature. The lagoon is powered by clean and renewable geothermal energy, and its famous crystal seawater comes from approximately 2,000 meters beneath the surface. The 50°C water creeps through the porous lava and is enjoyed as a 38°C spa by visitors. The warm mineral-enriched water and the snowy air may make a sharp contrast to an environment but in fact, serves to relax for the body. Picture skinny dipping in the Arctic Circle -- it's possible and enjoyable in Iceland.


The seemingly crazy adventures in Iceland does not end with skinny dipping in snowy air. Imagine horseback riding in a field of fuming lava.

Chill. The last volcanic event was 30 years ago. But another trick up the sleeves of nature is that the place is still steaming from then until now. Staying on the path is vital unless you want to melt your horse’ shoes, but the cautiousness which is required among visitors never hinders the building up of awe and respect for nature.


Seljalandsfoss is dubbed as the most photographed waterfalls in the country. Conveniently enough, one can travel from Reykjavík (the country’s capital) to the falls and back within one day. The water falls from a height of 65 meters into a bowl surrounded by abundant greenery. Visitors often take a path behind the falls as its geography unusually allows its spectators an unshed view of its majestic crown of waters from the inside.

However, for this sight, the destination proves to be just the tip of the iceberg. The travel to the waterfalls itself is also widely enjoyed because of the welcoming greenery and is popularly used as a path for horseback riding.

Though Icelandic horses are bulkier and shorter than average, they are known for having high stamina and being long-lived. In fact, it was an Icelandic horse that holds the record for reaching 56 years of age. They are characterized by their thick and widely varying coat-furs fit for the extreme climate of Iceland.

Because the Icelanders hold horses with a high regard, accounted by their Norse beliefs, horse riding is quite a cultural experience. Though respected and cared for, the people warmly welcome riders. Horse riding is an essential Icelandic experience. That’s why tourist never misses an opportunity for a horse riding tours in Iceland that could get them close to Icelandic nature and ride beautiful native horses. It is an excellent adventure perfect for the whole family.

Again, another paradigm shifter, Iceland may be one of the most awe-inspiring nooks of the world but in equal to its natural grandeur are the people themselves - their values, culture, and history. 


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