Freedom Debt Relief Reveals How to Have a Romantic Date Night Without Blowing Your Budget

If you and your spouse are saving money for a large purchase (like a home or a child's college fund), Freedom Debt Relief knows that it can indeed be tough to reignite the romance between you and your spouse. Prices everywhere are rising, so many couples are skipping date night altogether so they can resist the urge to spend money that should be going towards more significant purchases. However, Freedom Debt Relief knows that you don't have to drop hundreds of dollars to have a great and romantic night out! The next time the babysitter comes over, try out one of these date ideas that are low-cost and fun!

Spend a night under the stars. When you're focusing on saving money, keeping a home, raising a family, and so many other things at once, it can be hard to find the time to just take a breath and appreciate the little things in life. Freedom Debt Relief has found that one of the most romantic things that you can do as a couple to dedicate a night to enjoying nature and the beauty of the night sky. If you and your spouse go camping, try setting up the tent in your backyard and try to spot any constellations that you can notice. If you don't have a tent, something as simple as grabbing an old blanket, a bottle of wine, and a few candles from the dollar store is a fun and simple way to take life a little slower- at least for one night!

Have a cooking competition. There's nothing more exciting than trying out a new food- but you don't have to head to a fancy restaurant to get a taste of the good life! Freedom Debt Relief recommends that couples turn up the heat in the kitchen with a little friendly competition. Spend a night finding recipes that neither one of you have tasted before, and go head to head with ingredients bought from your local grocery store to see whose dish is better. You'll both get to go on a flavorful adventure- and you'll save money instead of splurging on dinner!

Give a discount massage a try. A couples massage is a romantic experience that tops the list of most people's favorite way to spend time with their spouse, but unfortunately, they can be rather expensive. Instead of splurging, try buying a Groupon for a spa that you've never tried before! Groupons are vouchers for services and specials that local companies sell at deeply discounted rates to try and attract new customers. Get on Groupon.com and see what's cheaply available near you and you may be surprised at all the great deals you can find!

No local spas discounting couples massage? No worries! If you have an esthetician school near you, try giving them a call and asking if the school has a training program that offers massages. Students who are working towards being a licensed massage therapist often are required to spend a certain number of hours working to practice in their senior year of school. This means that you'll be getting a great massage for as low as $25, and you'll be helping a student get better at their trade- it's a win-win for everyone!

Freedom Debt Relief knows that it can be hard to get the romance going when you're on a budget. At the end of the day, what matters most isn't how much you spend, but how much you show your spouse you care. Something as simple as a little bit of thought about what they like can help get a romantic evening started- for less than the price of dinner and drinks!


  1. I think these are such great suggestions. We need to find ways to enjoy life with what we have available. Nature is a great way to start. God Bless

  2. I love these ideas! They will come in handy.