5 Health Goals Every Mom Should Achieve in 2018

Change doesn’t come easy – not to you, not to me, not to anyone on this planet. Apart from the fact that our brains are wired to adopt a change after having been trained for 21 days straight to accept it, we have to be absolutely sure that we WANT the change in the first place.

The time has come for you to put yourself first; mend your health, work on your mental and physical strength, and add another layer of a bombshell to your already gorgeous appearance. The upcoming year should be all about spoiling yourself with healthy choices, and we’re happy you’re focused on taking that path.
In approaching your #healthgoals for 2018, think about the following.

Go Kim Kardashian in your closet

Remember the days when Kim K used to organize Paris’s closet for a living? Well, that’s what we meant! Go through your closet thoroughly and eliminate things that make you feel… well, plain and dull. You are a mother, so you obviously need comfy and baggy stuff for when you are running. Still, tone down those items of clothing to a bare minimum. Donate the wardrobe that doesn’t make you feel desirable and happy, even if that means keeping just a few pieces hanging. The moment you rid your closet of items that are subliminally sending you a message that you are “plain”, “boring”, “fat”, “unattractive” and “ugly”, you’ll mentally challenge yourself to prove yourself wrong and become the opposite! As you gradually change your lifestyle, your closet will start getting more colorful, attractive and seductive. And what will that do to your self-esteem? Boost it to the Moon and back!

Say YES to tightening

While we all constantly joke about a man’s confidence coming from the size of his penis, there’s honestly something true about that. The bigger the size, the bigger the confidence, right? Well, it’s the opposite for women. While the majority of women do take pride in having the aesthetics and health of their vaginal areas on point, most will experience heavy discomfort if their vaginal appearance or vaginal flora are disrupted. Some studies claim that women who are unhappy with their lady parts may experience a loss of sex drive and a decrease in self-esteem, even. It is not uncommon for women who have given birth to feel insecure, especially if the change is visible on the outside. However, it is very comforting to learn that there is a solution for virtually any kind of aesthetic vaginal change, and one of the best solutions on the market today is labiaplasty or vaginal tightening. Although not many women will admit to having it done or even have considered it, doctors advise that there’s nothing to be ashamed of, especially because the procedure isn’t only beneficial in terms of aesthetics but comfort, too. “Vaginoplasty involves narrowing the vaginal opening and tightening the vaginal canal to correct vaginal relaxation” which makes it a perfect procedure for women who’ve given birth the natural way.

Be the Gwyneth Paltrow of your kitchen

There was a red carpet moment from a few years back when Paltrow made everyone’s jaw drop with both what she said and the way she looked! After being asked what she’s, at the time, most proud of, she replied: “Being forty and showing up in white little shorts on the red carpet”. Ah, the #goals. The stunning blonde attributes her lean physique to organic food and working out, so we think that a healthy and organic diet should be everyone’s goal for 2018 and beyond.

Start slowly and reach the goal in a healthy manner. Small changes like replacing a plate of chocolate brownies with a plate of no-sugar cookies, avoiding white flour and introducing whole-grain pastry, or replacing the mayo with salad will do, for starters. Naturally, other choices like drinking a lot of water, eating lean meats, eliminating processed sugars from your diet, etc. should go hand in hand with your other healthy choices, too.

Be a beast at the gym

Workout, workout, workout! If you don’t like the gym, go for a power walk around the block, spinning in nature or yoga on your balcony. Physical activity will not only help you tone that body but elevate your mood, and help you feel more alive! Plus, they say working out is a phenomenal sex-urge booster, so… your hubby will be grateful for your hours spent sweating!

Send the kids away to their grandma’s

No, social services won’t take your kids away if you happen to want to take a break from them from time to time. Sending the kids away for the weekend to see their grandparents, to a friend’s sleepover or something similarly fun is a super nice way for the kids to spend some time apart from you and shape up individually while you can use the same time to get some personal space, perspective, and mental clarity. The time you can use to do the things that recharge your batteries is the most important part of the week! This is when your body and mind are getting their strength back! Do what you love when you are on your own – even if it is only sitting in silence. 

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