Foods That Boost Fertility

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Having trouble conceiving can be frustrating, but it’s actually alarmingly common. This can be due to all manner of factors. One solution could be to change your diet to include more fertility superfoods.

Foods may not be the miracle solution. Those that have been trying for months might benefit from looking into other option – the IVF cost is going down, and there are more and more successful cases of IUI treatment too. There are also some fertility drugs on the market as recommended by doctors. That said, it doesn’t hurt to try a few diet changes if you haven’t already. Here are just a few superfoods to start incorporating into your diet.

Brussel Sprouts
Sprouts are excellent foods for women wanting to boost their fertility. Their content of vitamins and nutrients is particularly good at balancing estrogen levels and getting rid of excess hormones. Sprouts are also packed with folic acid, which has been shown to reduce the risk of miscarriage.

These phallic-shaped fruits are actually great for the male reproductive organs, packed with B6 for improving sperm quality. Women can also benefit from eating bananas as this vitamin can similarly regulate hormones required for healthy egg development.

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Fish is an excellent food for both partners. Omega-3 fatty acids and proteins found in fish can help the male and female reproductive system stay strong. This is thought to be because these minerals improve blood flow to the sexual organs, ensuring that they get a healthy amount of nutrients.

The fact that oysters are often referred to as an aphrodisiac may be more than an old wives tale. When it comes to fertility, oysters are great at slowing down the menstrual cycle and improving the likelihood conception. This is because of their high zinc content. Oysters might not be food that you can eat on a daily basis, but it could be worth shelling out on them now and again.

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When cereals contain processed carbohydrates, which aren’t so good for fertility. Oatmeal, on the other hand, is refined and full of amino acids that are essential for healthy sperm production. This cereal can also help with egg development.

Nuts are good for men’s nuts – especially almonds. This is because they contain a high content of vitamin E, which is an important antioxidant when it comes to reproductive health. People with vitamin E deficiencies have been linked to having a high infertility rate. Nuts also contain high levels of protein to help with egg and sperm development. They can also provide the healthy fats found in fish.

Foods to avoid
On top of loading up on certain superfoods, it could be worth cutting some types of food out of your diet if you’re trying for a baby.

Complex processed carbs have been found to inhibit ovulation – these include white bread, white rice, cookies, and cakes. You’re far better off eating refined carbs such as brown bread, brown rice, and oatmeal. In other words, try to go as natural as possible when getting your carb intake.

Caffeine and alcohol have also been linked to having an adverse effect on fertility. This is because these drugs can cause a hormonal imbalance in both men and women. It’s more likely you’ll have trouble conceiving while under the influence of alcohol or after having caffeine – drinking coffee and wine during periods when you’re not having sex most likely has no effect on fertility.

High cholesterol has been linked to infertility too. If you eat a lot of fatty foods, you may want to cut down on these foods and see if this has any effect on your ability to conceive. Foods such as fish contain healthy fats that may lower your cholesterol, so try upping your seafood content.

A healthy diet should always be part of an individual's lifestyle. Trying the foods that can boost your fertility won't hurt you. Our organs all need specific nutrients to thrive, and this includes our reproductive system. And if you really are  planning to conceive an ovulation kit can help you get an idea when to try for a baby.


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