A Trouble Free Moving Day

Moving house is one of the most stressful times you can experience, and people renting in London go through that stress a disproportionate amount: 25% of all London renters moved house in 2016. That’s a rate of change so fast that many private tenants could classify as nomadic.

Fortunately, if you’re looking at moving house or buying a new home in the next few months, there are some simple things you can do to cut down on the stress of moving house and make sure you’re moving day is as simple and straightforward an experience as you can make it.

Plan Ahead
Preparation begins months before moving day. Keep a chart, calendar or diary, noting tasks that need to be done months, weeks and days before moving day. Tasks can be as simple as ‘finding boxes’ to pack into, or as complicated as calling internet and utility providers and navigating their maze of options and holding music to make sure your new home has electricity and a web connection waiting for you.

Keeping all these tasks documented not only means they’ll get done in time but will also help you share them out among everyone who’s moving with you, to make sure the effort is shared equally.

While you’re packing, keep a Last In, First Out box: the last box to be loaded into the van and the first one you’ll get out when you arrive. This can be packed with valuable items like keys and documents, but also a kettle, mugs and tea bags, even a phone charger.

This means you’ll keep access to the essentials of life for as long as possible, and get them back immediately when you start to unpack.

Moving Day
Using a professional moving company may be expensive but the gain back in time is worth it: professional movers will fill the van or lorry more quickly than you could hope to, and pack your boxes with efficiency you couldn’t dream of.

If you’re putting any of your items in storage collection and delivery is a useful service to see if the company offers, and is one less thing for you to worry about in the run up to the move.

Finally, use colorful labels to mark your boxes. “All the red labels in the front room” is less easy to misinterpret that relying on handwriting scrawled on the side of an in a panic box at the last minute.


  1. I think that planning ahead is the big on. Moving house can be so stressful, I swore we would never move again, but planning can take away some of that stress!

  2. I shifted my house to another location some 5 years back and I used the professional service for it. The efficiency with which they did it was commendable. I just had to sit and supervise, they worked out all, put in the lorry and move it to the new place safely.

  3. These are some really great tip for anyone to move. I will be probably referring back to this when I have to shift. Thanks for sharing this! :)

  4. The LIFO tip is so helpful! That's one of the biggest things that frustrates me on moving day. I always forget to put the important/everyday things I need in last so they're easier to find!

  5. Oh my word moving Is the most stressful thing! I hope I don't have to do it again soon lol! These are great tips though!

  6. Moving can be so stressful so I agree that planning ahead is such an important way of making your day a bit more stress free. Great tips x

  7. Having just moved recently to our new home I can totally say yes to all of this! Agree that getting professionals move is going to save so much trouble.

    xx, Kusum | www.sveeteskapes.com

  8. The hardest thing about moving is moving itself especially if you haven't planned ahead. Which I will admit, I have done. Thanks for sharing.
    XO Via Bella Blog

  9. Living in NYC is also stressful for renters as rents go up not sideways or down. Your tips will help everyone moving house for sure.