Top 10 Reasons Why People Enhance Their Beauty

It is a common thing that everyone wants to look beautiful. That’s why some women and even men regularly do a beauty treatment to enhance their look. They also use some beauty products for daily maintenance. Unfortunately, some of them prefer to take a short way to be beautiful. For instance, they choose to do plastic surgery, botox, liposuction, etc. These may give them the result instantly, but they are very dangerous. This makes us wonder why they are so eager to become beautiful. The reasons below can be the answers for that.

1. Youth Is Life

Youth is one of the reasons why people try so hard to look beautiful. Almost everyone desires to look young and fresh all the time. That’s why some people do not hesitate to spend much money for beauty treatment. They often go to places laser clinics to remove things (e.g. acnes or wrinkles) that can turn them to look old.

2. It Feels Nice

Sometimes there is no particular reason behind people enhancing their beauty. They beautify themselves only because it feels nice to them. They are right about it, though. Most of us love to spend our time in a spa. It is a perfect place where we can spoil ourselves with body massage, facial care, pedicure, and manicure, etc.

3. Lack of Confidence

There is a time for some people when they feel insecure about their look. They do not feel confident with a particular part of their body. That’s the reason why many girls would feel like they should read reviews on the best pills even if sometimes it’s unnecessary or out of their budget.

4. Public Pressure

One of the reasons why people feel unconfident is because of other people’s opinion. They will criticize someone’s look in a bad way. For example, they mock a person for having red hair, fat body, freckles on face, and many others. Due to the pressure, most victims decide to change their look so no one will judge them again.

5. Better Self Expression

Beauty enhancement can be a better way for people to express themselves. This is how they show to us that they are different and not the same with others. They usually do it through their clothing style. Some of them express it through their clothing or makeup style.

6. Looking for Sensation

Not fewer people intend to enhance their beauty so they can become a sensation to the public. Unfortunately, this kind of behavior can turn into an addiction. To illustrate it, there is a man who wants to look like Ken, the male Barbie. He will need some procedures of plastic surgery to achieve the goal. When the result is not satisfying enough, he will do some more surgeries. All these sufferings aim to make him as the real-life Ken.

7. Narcissism

Narcissism is a psychological disorder where someone is so full of himself. He wants to show off his beauty to other people so they will be amazed by him. To maintain his look, he will do a lot of beauty cares, so people will keep praising how beautiful he is.

8. BDD Syndrome

BDD (Body Dysmorphic Disorders) is similar to individuals who are lack of confident, but this is the next level. People who have this syndrome will keep thinking that there is something missing from their look. That’s why they will do everything to cover those missing stuff even though there is nothing wrong with their body.

9. External Influence

Besides public pressure, there is another external factor which influences people to look beautiful. The skinny models in fashion magazine make other women think that skinny is sexy and beautiful. As a result, they will do an extreme diet like self starving or vomiting.

10. Attraction Factor

It is not surprising to see someone wants to be good looking so they can attract other people. To illustrate it, women use breast enhancement cream to seduce men. Or, men work out intensely to build muscle to interest women around them.

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