Bone-Damaging Behaviors To Avoid

Our bones are the very foundation of our health care. Without good bone health, everything else rather fades into the background. If you can’t move comfortably, then your life is going to be hamstrung by a variety of obstacles - so keeping your skeleton in tip top condition should be a paramount concern.

It is extremely worrying, then, to think that you might be doing things in your everyday life which are having a detrimental impact on the health of your bones. To keep you feeling good for as long as possible, banishing - or at least examining - these habits becomes an essential. Also, rather than just trying to terrify you, there are a few solutions and substitutions to be learned as well!

Do You… Stay Still For Long Periods Of Time?

Much has been said about the dangers of sitting, with some doctors even concluding it’s more dangerous than smoking. This is hyperbole, especially because the problem isn’t sitting so much as it is one of a sedentary lifestyle. If you’re upright in one position for long periods of time, that’s just as bad as sitting.

Your bones need to be tested and asked to bear weight and strain to keep them healthy. Remaining in one position for large portions of the day means they don’t get the opportunity to do this. Try and move around at least once every 20 minutes to counter any problems your habits might cause.

Do You… Use Birth Control?

In the side effects warnings for any form of contraception, you will see a note about the increased risk of osteoporosis. There is a link between synthetic female hormones and this bone-related condition; while it’s relatively minor, it’s nevertheless a matter of concern if you’re a long-term user of birth control.

To be careful - and under the advice of a doctor - try adding in a plant based calcium supplement if you’re on birth control. The AlgaeCal plant calcium side effects themselves are minimal so you can be confident of such a supplement helping to counteract the other side effects that could be problematic for your bones.

Do You… Use Antacid Medication?

Most specifically, a category of antacids known as Proton Pump Inhibitors. These medications have been conclusively found to increase the risk of bone problems in later life, meaning that today’s tummy troubles could be tomorrow’s sore joints.

If you have persistent stomach acid issues, it’s worth discussing alternatives to PPIs with your doctor. The risk to bone health is far from the only problem that these medications cause. As an alternative, you might find digestive enzymes help to ease your stomach troubles without any of the worrying side effects.

Do You… Suffer From Insomnia?

Did you know that regularly not getting enough sleep is bad for your bone health, as well as causing a myriad of other issues? It’s true. If you suffer from insomnia on a regular basis, this is a medical issue, so discuss it with your doctor until you find a solution.

Now you should have a better idea of how to protect your bones, to ensure they’ll continue to be able to protect you!

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