Maintain Feminine Hygiene With Jil Gyung Yi. Not your ordinary feminine care brand. #jilgyungyi #organiccleanser

Jil Gyung Yi

Every day we women take a bath, put makeup on and wear our clothes. This daily routine comes with managing our body hygiene. We not only care for the smell of our breath or our body but also "down there." Yes, feminine hygiene is essential for us women. Foul odor in your vaginal area can make you feel embarrassed. Good feminine hygiene helps prevent bacterial infections, irritations, and discomfort. 

How do we maintain feminine hygiene? Are soap and water enough? 

According to the studies, our vagina can cleanse itself. But because women nowadays are more active and have lots of daily activities, it's better to make sure it's clean "down there." 

There are lots of personal care products now being used by women especially before and after a menstrual period. These products include feminine deo, douche, wipes, powders, soaps and feminine wash. Most of these products contain scents or dyes which can cause serious problems to your health like cancer. With all the products available in the market today, you can't choose which one is the best when it comes to protection and gentleness. 

Recently, I discovered a feminine care product with 7 natural extracts that are completely safe to be used "down there" without the worry of having side effects, irritations and no antibiotics. 
key ingredients

At first, I am a bit skeptical about this product but when I learned that Jil Gyung Yi is clinically tested, deodorization tested and most of all dermatologically tested with FDA registration, all my worries were gone. 

What's the advantage of Jil Gyung Yi from other feminine wash brands?

It's not only giving women the protection she needs from odor and bacteria but also treats other conditions like:
*vaginal dryness
*vaginal looseness
*relieves menstrual cramps
*Vaginitis (vaginal discharge and itching can accompany yeast infection)
*improves skin tone
*improves vaginal elasticity after birth

Jil Gyung Yi originated from South Korea which is now widely used in many countries like China, New Zealand, Russia, Hongkong, Australia, Mexico, USA, Japan and now recently launched in the Philippines. A gentle, hypoallergenic cleansing that's recommended to be used before and after sex, menstrual period or even visiting the swimming pool, gym or sauna. 
Pharmaceutical Composition for Preventing and Treating Vaginitis

How to use Jil Gyung Yi?
There is two available option on how you could use the product.  First is by placing into the vagina in the same way as a tampon (insert 2 tablets into the vagina as deep as 2 finger joints). Make sure to wash your hands and vulva before using the product. Wash vaginal area with clean water the next day and dry.

If you're not comfortable with insertion, you can use another option which also applicable to children 4 years old and above. You can melt 2 tablets in 5 ml of lukewarm water and let it absorbs into the vulva. Just like the first option of procedure, you must make sure you wash first your vulva with clean water. Wash with water the next day and dry.

Recommended dosage for either of the two option is 2 tablets per week.

My personal views about the product:
Honestly, it is my first time to encounter feminine product in the form of a tablet so my reaction would be confused and skeptical. I haven't tried using tampons before though I already tried inserting vaginal treatment a few months back because of the problem with my cervix.  Jil Gyung Yi tablet is odorless and there's a slight cooling effect when you use them "down there".  You won't feel any sting or any discomfort. But there's also a disadvantage about the product. It takes some time for the tablets to be dissolved in water. 

Hopefully, the company will soon come up with varieties of products which includes feminine wash in the form of liquid or spray so that it will be easier and convenient to use.

If you would like to know more about the products and how you could avail them, visit Jilgyungyi Philippines Facebook page or check their website www.myjilgyungyi.com.

And for those who want to buy or be a reseller, you may contact 09179039008 (Globe), 09493789571 (Smart), 09253031737 (Sun)