How To Put Your Own Stamp On Your Interior Designs

Your home should showcase your personality and style. It’s often helpful to look at magazines for inspiration. But you should never choose trends, which don’t suit your individual tastes. If you’re planning a spring/summer makeover, here are some tips to help you put your stamp on your interior designs.

Jot down your ideas
Lightning bolts of inspiration can come to us at any time, and it’s a good idea to keep track of ideas and nuggets of creativity. Write down some ideas in a notebook and then create a mood board of all the accessories, colors and themes you like. Look through magazines and blogs to get suggestions, and make a list of stockists and designers.

Get personal
Personalization is a fantastic way to make your house a home and create unique design touches. Use framed posters and prints or create a statement wall with family photographs. Inject some personality to plain walls with customized wall stickers. Decorate sofas with initialed cushions and cozy blankets and throws.

Showcase your individuality
When you’re decorating your home, think of each room as a blank canvas. Mix and match colours, textures and styles and have fun with your designs. You don’t have to go for old or new. Why not combine vintage accessories with a modern bathroom suite or add an antique mirror to a contemporary hallway? Go for pieces you love, rather than those that are on-trend.

Shop around
You don’t need to limit yourself to showrooms and DIY stores if you’re doing up your home. There are all kinds of weird and wonderful places you can search for hidden treasures. Go to yard sales and car boots. Visit street stalls and markets. Take a trip around some antique stores. If you have particular items in mind, such as a chaise longue, have a look on online auction sites.

Be creative
If you’re a creative person, and you have artistic talents or carpentry skills, use them. Try upcycling old furniture or make brand new pieces. Paint your own masterpieces to brighten up your alls and make a style statement. Convert old photographs into canvases or collages.

Use your experiences
Have you traveled the world or spent time working in a different country? Have you taken lessons in photography or woodwork? Are you particularly interested in particular cultures? Use your life experiences and your passions to influence your designs. Show off mementos and souvenirs. Create a gallery of travel shots, or use your adventures to choose themes for each room.

When decorating, you have freedom to choose themes and pieces, which reflect your taste, style and personality. Look around for ideas and visualize the result. Shop in different locations and search online for key pieces. Use your creativity to put your spin on conventional trends, and dare to be different. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different looks and combine varied styles. Most importantly, enjoy the process and ensure that your home is a representation of your family life and the things you love.

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