Get Cashback From Agoda and TravelBook With ShopBack

"You get educated by traveling"--Solange Knowles

Do you agree with the above quote? Are you a traveler? Perhaps you have a wanderlust? Have you already go anywhere this year? How about this summer? Have you been somewhere in or out of the country yet? 

For travel enthusiast, traveling is a great way to explore and accept new things. It has been one of my dream to travel to different parts of the country and even visiting countries outside the Philippines like Singapore, Hongkong, Dubai, and Canada. But now that I am already a mom, I have thought that it would be expensive to travel. Good thing I have discovered Shopback. It's an online platform affiliated with over 300 merchants worldwide. Yes, you are reading this right. Shopback will give you cash back in all the online stores that cover Beauty, Fashion, Electronics, Lifestyle, Travel and much more. So you could imagine how much you could save whenever you shop at the convenience of your home.  

For anyone who's having a wanderlust, you can now live your dream vacation with the best travel deals. Save money while going through Shopback. 

How to use ShopBack?
1. Visit https://www.shopback.ph/
2. Click Sign up at the upper right part
3. There's two option for signing up (either through Facebook or entering your information manually)
**You'll receive Php100 sign-up bonus yay!
4. Browse and click on your preferred store and get redirected
*Complete purchase within the same window to qualify for cashback
*Cashback is calculated based on the price before tax
5. Shop as usual on store's site and make any purchase. Earn up to 30% Cashback as you shop.
6. Cashback will be added to your shopback account within two days (48 hours) under the 'Pending Tab.'
7.Once you reached redeemable cashback minimum of Php300, you can cash out to your preferred bank, Paypal or GCash account.
*cashback will be "Redeemable" once your order is validated by the merchant who will take 30-60 days to ensure that there will be no order cancellation/return/exchange.

It may sound too good to be true but yes you are reading it right! You can save money on discounted items plus another saving from your Cashbacks. Isn't it awesome? So before you start booking hotels or flight for your next travel adventure, be sure to check out the best travel deals from Shopback. 

Looking for hotel bargain? Look no more! Shopback gives you the exclusive access to promo codes and coupon codes for the hottest hotel deals. You can book fast and secure hotel deals with Agoda and TravelBook. Get up to Php400 Cashback from Agoda while TravelBook offers 4.0% cashback, both have best and lowest rates GUARANTEED! 

Agoda is a reliable booking platform in Asia for bookings of hotel accommodations on almost 600,000 hotels worldwide. Started way back 2005 by Agoda Company Pte Ltd and acquired by Princeline Group (largest hotel seller in the world.)

TravelBook, on the other hand, started back in 2010 in the Philippines, which also cater hotel booking services. They offer a broad range of Philippine hotels and resorts with 3,500 listings. 

Make sure to read the Terms & Conditions that applies upon booking or shopping with any merchants. Cancellations and changes in bookings will not be awarded cashback. 

Wait! There's more! You can score additional earnings by inviting your friends to ShopBack. By sharing your link with your buddies, (via email, Facebook, Twitter, etc.never) your friend/s will get P100 signup bonus, and you'll also get P100 when they make any purchase minimum of P500 and get their Cashback turn redeemable. Is it a win-win right?

Shop online and earn cash. Never miss out on cashback again. Visit ShopBack and check out the latest travel coupon codes, promo, and cashback. Have fun!

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