A Beginners Guide To Making A Gorgeous Kids Bedroom

Making a child's bedroom is a totally different ball game to making an adult's bedroom. While you may appreciate a calming decor and sleek furnishings, they’ll appreciate something different. A kid’s bedroom should be warm, welcoming and of course, fun. They won’t be kids for long, and it's your job to make sure they make the most of these years.
So, where to begin? Here is a guide to making a gorgeous bedroom for your kids.

A Unique Centerpiece
What is the centerpiece in a bedroom? The bed, of course!That plain white or brown thing you’ve been considering just won’t do. Why not go for a uniquely designed bed instead? For kids who love buses, or trucks, or planes, how about a bed designed to look like one? Or make a little girl who loves playing princesses really feel like one with a princess bed? Bunk beds are another great option. They add an element of excitement for the kids. However, they also benefit you, because they save on space! For a unique bed, browse online at places like cuckooland.com.


A Beautiful Lampshade
Lampshades don’t have to be a boring, plain thing! Save the one color, round things for the other rooms in the house. Install a gorgeous lampshade in your kid’s bedroom instead! One option is to get a lampshade with a beautiful design. You can get bright colors, or fun patterns. You may even be able to get one that matches the rest of the decor in the room. However, there is another option. How about a lampshade that then the light bulb is switched on, a beautiful projection is made on the walls! They’re also known as shadow chandeliers, and you can even make your own. diyncrafts.com/6703/decor/amazing-diy-shadow-chandelier-inspired-nature can show you how.


Chalkboard wall
Kids can be very changeable as we all know. One week they love dinosaurs and want to be an archaeologist. The next week they want to a pilot, and the next, a writer. It can be hard to keep up, and to keep their bedroom and toys on-trend also! However, a chalkboard wall allows for these changing moods and trends. One option is to use an actual chalkboard. Or, alternatively, use chalkboard paint. Your kids can decorate it however they want, and then wipe it off and start again. fleecefun.com/1/post/2014/09/5-things-know-painting-a-chalkboard-wall.html lets you know a few tips and tricks if you chose to do this. Don’t forget to make a little place to store your chalks and erasers too. acodeza.com/2016/05/how-to-put-your-own-stamp-on-your-interior-designs.html has more tips on making interior design your own.


A place to sit
We adults know that our beds should be kept for sleeping, and not answering last minute emails or other work! This is because we want to keep our bed sacred places, and let our bodies know that it is a place for sleeping. The same applies for kids. When they snuggle down under the covers, this should be for sleeping. So, make a comfy place for them to sit in their bedroom for other activities. For younger kids, this might be reading their books. For older kids, this might be homework. It could be a sofa, or it could just be a few comfortable floor cushions.


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