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I think we would all agree that being a mom or a dad can be incredibly stressful. Mostly, you’ll be juggling three different roles in life at once. You will be aiming to succeed at work and elevate your career. At the same time, you want to make sure that your kids grow up that the right way. You need to be there when they need you and make sure they feel loved. On top of that, you need to consider your own private life too. Don’t forget you’re not just a mom, or a wife, or a working gal, you’re a woman. You need to have some time to spend on yourself to be happy. So, I guess the question here is can moms really have it all? The answer, I think you’ll find, is yes. But, this will only work if you are ready to deal with stress and eliminate it from your life.

Stress comes in many shapes and forms I find. There are also lots of different causes. If your kid fails a class in school, you’re going to be stressed. Was it your fault? Could you have helped him out more with that homework? A stressful workday could cause stress. Was your boss fair when they gave you that assignment with such a short deadline? What if you can’t get it done in time? You can even get stressed about trying to relax? I must book that holiday, I need to make sure that I raise enough money to go to…
You’ve made it out of your teen years and are looking forward to life as an adult. But then plenty of us still suffer from acne. How is that even fair? You think you’d have left that behind as a teenager, but that isn’t always the case. Though it is annoying and awkward, many people suffer from adult acne. So if you are looking for ways to deal with it, you’re in the right place. Read on, and your skin will be looking better in no time.

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How do you go to work every day? Do you use your car or ride in public transportation? If you are living in the Metro, you'll probably experience the hassle of traffic every day. You must be one of the many people who hates traffic right? I feel you. Bad traffic jam is a typical site in the cities particularly in places where the shopping malls exist. 

Each year, we experience billions of losses to our economy due to traffic congestions, especially in Metro Manila. And the losses could have been used to build infrastructures like hospitals, school buildings perhaps we could have bought different types of equipment for the betterment of the Filipino lives. But why do we have traffic in the first place? What could be the causes of this situation in which our streets are completely congested? 

As the population increases, there will be more commuters and cars in the streets. Excessive numbers of vehicles are the primary factors that cause traffic congestions. Typical public transportation used by passengers are buses and jeepneys who occupies more road spaces that worsen the traffic. Some car owners take their cars even in just a short distance of travel just to show they have one. So what can you expect from these? Traffic jams can affect the productivity of an employee who commutes because they tend to arrive late at work that and gives them stress. You'll end up losing your personal time because of the long-time travel on the road.