The Benefits of Coding Lessons for Children


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As industries change and adapt, so do the skills needed to be built by the education system. As a result, more is being added to the curriculum like coding which was introduced to schools in 2014. There are many benefits to having coding lessons in schools as an independent school in Buckinghamshire explains below.


Transferable Skills

Regardless of whether or not your child wants to pursue a career in technology, coding lessons can help them build skills that will make them more employable and better prepared for work. Skills like problem-solving, creative thinking, and much more. In whatever career your child pursues, whether music or engineering, they’ll face problems where they need to apply themselves and think of solutions.


Digital Literacy 

More and more of life is becoming engulfed by technology. Having knowledge of how that technology works can help children in their day-to-day life and help them be ready to face the changing job market. Knowing how to code will open doors for them and ensure that they don’t need to retrain.



Coding is something that requires patience and lots of it. There are lots of different solutions that can be applied but not all will produce the desired result. That means playing with alternatives and trial and error.



Creating things is fun - especially when they are digital creations that you can see come to life. As they find solutions that work, they’ll feel overjoyed, and their confidence will grow along with their knowledge.


Greater Academic Performance

The thinking skills that your child gains and enhances through coding will help them in other subjects throughout the curriculum. Subjects like science where hypotheses are created and put to the test. This can help them to secure more attractive grades and yield greater success.

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