Helping Your Child Become More Independent


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As your child grows up, they’ll need to learn how to do things for themselves and become less reliant on you. Teaching them life lessons can help them when you're not there and be good practice for the future. We have teamed up with a prep school in East Sussex to share 5 ways that you can help your child become more independent.



Chores give children a sense of responsibility and ownership which can help them feel and become more independent. As they learn to do things for themselves like wash the dishes and put on their own washing, they’ll become less reliant on you and others around them. 


Get Them to Join In

When you’re cooking or doing other things, get your child to join in so that you can teach them. Working side by side, you can pass down secret family recipes and teach them how to do things properly. Getting them involved at a young age will help them to form good habits and passions.


Deal with Mistakes Gently

When doing something for the first time, chances are your child won’t get it exactly right but that’s okay as they’ll help them to learn. Being gentle is important as it will help them view it as a learning curb and enjoy trying new things. Take time in teaching them how to do it correctly and break it down into small steps as children require granular information to understand.


Phase Changes In

Children need routine and consistency. Changes can create disruption and make it difficult for them to adapt which can lead to feelings of distress. When making changes of this nature, phase them in gently with notice and positive encouragement so that they feel less anxious. That way they’ll be more receptive and slowly grow their independence.

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