3 Signs Your Child Needs a Tutor


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Tutoring can help children struggling at school and give them an advantage over their peers. While it is an added expense for parents, there are lots of benefits to having it. It can get children in the habit of doing their work for example and improve their grades. But is it necessary? A senior school in Surrey points to 3 signs that can help you decide whether your child actually needs a tutor.


Your Child’s a Genius 

Some children are naturally gifted with a higher IQ than others and need more challenges. While schools can do their best, these children, funnily enough, feel as if they’re not reaching their full potential. This is because of classroom and teacher limitations. A tutor on the other hand can help your child take their studies to a higher level and teach content ahead of what’s expected. Having this kind of support can help your child to flourish and make full use of their ability.


Falling Behind

Poor grades and participation in class may be a sign that your child is struggling academically and needs further support. It may also be a sign that they have little motivation. A tutor can help your child, in that case, to take their studies seriously by spending time with them to understand their concerns and showing an interest in their work.


Your Child Has Upcoming Exams

GCSE years are a crucial time in a child’s life. There’s a lot of content that they’ll need to get their head around and remember for their exams in order to do well. Revision is key for exam success and getting it done involves discipline. This can be hard for children as they can procrastinate and struggle to make sense of concepts without their teacher. Tutors come well versed in the curriculum and some often hold examiner experience. This means that they can help them prepare for their exams and the types of questions that they’ll come across.

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