Cut the Calories: Gaining and Losing Weight Today


You look at the mirror, and you don't like what you're seeing. You feel heavier than usual. You feel like you're moving slower than you used to. You're not used to this, and you're starting to feel bad about yourself.

It's been over a year, and you realize you gained weight during the pandemic. And you're starting to hate yourself for it.

Don't. You're not the only person in the world who gained weight during the pandemic. According to a study published in the journal The Obesity Society, 27% of people around the world believed they gained weight following the lockdown. This includes obese people, with 33% of them saying they gained even more weight.

According to the study, this could be due to people's unhealthy behavior in response to the pandemic. Stress and anxiety levels shoot up due to the pandemic, which caused people to eat unhealthily. And, because of stress, people felt a lot better by giving into their sweet cravings. It also causes people insomnia and interrupted sleep.

Because of the stay-at-home orders, people also tend to move less. Because of the remote work setup, there is limited time to go outdoors for physical activity. There is also less time in the daily commute. Because of this, people tend to be stuck in front of their desks and work eight hours a day with limited breaks. The usual hustle and bustle pre-pandemic routine has now turned into a sedentary lifestyle.

This response to a difficult situation like the pandemic is normal. But, experts can't help but worry about the kind of lifestyle people are in these days. It could be high time we all look into our weight before it takes its toll on our mental health.


High Obesity Rates Across the World

According to the Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 16 states across the United States have obesity rates at 35%. This includes the following states:

· Alabama

· Arkansas

· Delaware

· Indiana

· Iowa

· Kansas

· Kentucky

· Louisiana

· Michigan

· Mississippi

· Ohio

· Oklahoma

· South Carolina

· Tennessee

· Texas

· West Virginia


Meanwhile, in England, 40% of adults also said they gained weight during the pandemic. According to Public Health England, the lockdowns made it difficult for them to be physically active and eat healthily. People also resorted to comfort eating due to stress, which gained them more weight.

People are now thinking of faster ways to cut unwanted calories. That means there's something you can do to lose weight little by little.

The fastest way, of course, is to find the best laser lipo clinic in the area. Non-invasive liposuction treatments are very common nowadays. Experts recommend such treatments because they are proven safe and painless.


But, for those who cannot afford to get the treatment, here's what you can do to:


·Check your pantry.

Go to your kitchen and take away all those that are unhealthy. Do your research and study how to read the food labels. Know what's good for your body. Know the best intake limit for each. The best way is to educate yourself with all the goods in your pantry and stay away from the junk. It doesn't have to be all at once. You can take it away one by one. Give yourself time to process. A little craving here and there is okay. You have to give yourself a limit.


·Start with morning walks.

No, you're not going to do hardcore workouts right away. You can start with wearing your walking shoes in the morning and going to the park. You don't even have to jog. Take a morning stroll and enjoy the morning breeze. Take it as something you'd love to do to relax, not even to exercise. Think of it as something that you enjoy, not something you have to do to lose weight. Morning walks are good for your mental health, too.


·Do it for your health.

According to experts, losing at least 5% of your weight will lower your risk of getting heart disease. It will also prevent you from developing type 2 Diabetes. These data alone will motivate you to lose weight to live healthier and longer. It's not about the numbers on your weighing scale. It's all about the number of years you will add to your life span if you lose weight.


Soon enough, the pandemic will be over and you will go back to your usual routine. You'll commute to work and will spend the rest of the day moving around at the office. But, until the pandemic is over, you have to prepare yourself. Eating healthier and be physically active. There is no other time but now to be healthy. You've got to do the work.

**Image source: Pexels.com

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