Top Tips for Helping Your Child Learn a New Language


Learning a new language can help your child to seek new opportunities, make an impression and even improve brain function. However, it can be quite a challenge. We have teamed up with an upper school in Hampstead to share our top tips for helping your child to learn a new language.


Create a Visual Dictionary

Learning is a process that is unique to us all as we interpret information differently. Some of us are more visual and prefer illustrations whilst others prefer doing hands-on activities. For those that are visual learners, creating a visual dictionary might help. This is a dictionary that you can create yourself with a key or illustrations of meanings. This can help your child to memorise more words and in turn, become a better communicator. 


Flash Cards

Your child can also use flash cards for this trick and use them to test themselves as they learn new words.


Start a Foreign TV Series

Watching a TV series in another language could be a more engaging alternative. To help your child develop connections between words, turn on the TV subtitles. This will help your child to create their own mental dictionary and memorable way of remembering words by using scenes.


A Tutor

A language tutor could help your child to fine-tune their communication skills and correct any grammatical mistakes. Mistakes can easily be made as words often change with tense. 


Offering your child one-to-one or small group study sessions could help further their learning by allowing them to ask questions and placing a commitment to meet every week. For any form of learning a set routine is essential. Without it, learning can be very counterintuitive as we as humans forget 50% of what we learn within an hour of learning it.

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