Helping Your Child with their Communication Skills


Communication skills are perhaps some of the most vital skills for your child to develop. They allow for full integration into society in forming friendship groups and excelling in the world of work. We have joined a literacy consultancy firm to share how you can help your child with their communication skills.


Teach Your Child the Language of Facial Expressions 

It is thought that only 35% of all communication is verbal while the remaining 65% is from body language. You can tell what a person really means by judging their facial expressions and seeing if they align with the words being used. In turn, learning this additional language can help your child to make better decisions in life, whether it be in friendships or business.


To teach your child, get them to recognise when people around them are happy or sad. When their sibling or another child is covering their face, get them to acknowledge that the child might be feeling sad and to check up on them.


Read with Your Child

Having dedicated time for reading where you hear your child read out loud can help to improve their speech and ability to understand written communication. Vocabulary forms the basis of all communication and this can be improved in reading while doing so out loud can build confidence.


Get Your Child to Describe Their Day

Actively having conversations where your child describes what they did or how they felt throughout the day is a great way to improve their communication. It allows your child to learn descriptive words and how to connect with others. Over time, you will notice your child becoming more coherent and effective in their communication.


Be a Good Role Model

Children like to emulate the behaviour of those around them, particularly their parents. To help your child with their communication, talk kindly and respectfully to others. This will teach your child the importance of being a good listener and showing compassion.

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