Earning From Art: 6 Craft Businesses You Can Start Today


Contrary to how people think that your art cannot feed you, there will always be a demand for artsy things that you can take advantage of. People love to shop for things that look pretty, especially items that can be customized as opposed to ready-made products. Along with this, the internet has also improved to accommodate every kind of entrepreneur. It is now easier to start selling products by simply creating an online store and a couple of pages on social media. Finding the right market is also easy by just advertising your products where your target audience frequents. Here are some of the trending crafts that you can make and profit from this 2021.


Jewelry is a beautiful product to make with different people from all walks of life looking to purchase it. Easy and simple jewelry business startups usually use low-cost materials like clay, beads, and even resin to create charms and pendants. These materials are relatively cheap alongside ready-made chains, but using them for jewelry can give you a good profit. On the other hand, the more professional and experienced jewelry makers work with expensive crystals and metals to create entire jewelry pieces. These jewelers appeal to those people with buying power by learning how to enhance the jewelry photos on their online stores to capture the real beauty of their creations. This can be a luxurious business for a skilled craftsman.

Customized Clothing

Selling customized clothing is another popular business that can make easy money. Different pieces, from shirts and pants to hats and shoes, can be customized to your clients' liking. Making them unique while incorporating your style as an artist is the best way to do this business. Different kinds of mediums can be used like paints, inks, dyes, embroidery threads, etcetera to turn these clothing pieces into something more personal, so finding the medium you like most for your craft should help you to limit the scope of your business.


You've probably seen people on the internet making candles that can look like anything from ordinary candles with colorful designs to food-themed, carved out, and plaster hand candles. Staring this kind of business can be fun as you will be working with malleable wax. Some candle makers play only with the immediate visual appearance of the candles, but others go as far as creating something beautiful or grotesque once the candle starts to melt.


Just like candle making, soap making is a fun project that can be made into a business. Different kinds of soap bases can be melted and dyed to create a more interesting appearance. The use of molds is also widespread when creating themed soap products.

Epoxy Resin Products

Epoxy resin has become one of the most prominent crafting mediums that artists everywhere come to love. Different kinds of epoxy resin can be used for various purposes, but they all generally turn into a hard and durable plastic material. Epoxy resin is mixed and poured into molds to create a particular object. It can be made into just about anything that you can think of and can be used by anyone in many kinds of industries. During the pouring stage, other decorative items like glitters, flowers, and shells can be placed in the liquid mixture to be encased in the resulting product. The usual things made from epoxy resin that you will find in the market are accessories, key chains, combs, paperweights, containers, etcetera.

Custom Styled Wigs

For those who love styling hair, making custom wigs might be a good business venture. Wigs offer many benefits to appeal to different kinds of people, from normal women and big celebrities to performers and cosplayers. The process usually includes bleaching, dyeing, cutting, and styling the hair, but making the actual wig from scratch using a base and hair wefts may also be part of it. It can also stray into the territory of headpieces that incorporate accessories and other glitzy attachments. Depending on the kind of hair being used (whether natural human hair or synthetic hair fibers) and the complexity of the style, wigs can be sold at very high prices, making this a lucrative business to be in.

With all these fun crafts, you will be earning without feeling like you are working. You will be creating things that serve a particular aesthetic for different kinds of people. Originality will be your primary marketing strategy while appealing to your target market. Your self-made business will surely be a trendy venture that people will find delightful.

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