Top Tips for a great-looking beard

Is your beard game lacking, or you’re looking to give your beard an extra boost? Then look no further for our top tips for a great-looking beard. Men’s grooming has become a beauty trend, with many mainstream brands finally catering to men’s beauty needs. When it comes to caring for your beard, you may think that just a simple wash ‘n go will suffice, but if you really want the best out of your beard, you need to invest in some beard care products.

Treat your beard like the hair on your head

The first thing to remember with your beard is it is much like the hair on your head, and therefore should be treated as such. This means shampooing and conditioning your beard regularly. It works to cleanse your beard of excess oils and germs which can cause pimples and spots, not just in your beard, but on your face too. A regular conditioning treatment helps replenish moisture and keep your beard looking and feeling soft to the touch.

Invest in a good beard oil

Beard oils are a great way to lock in moisture to your beard, keep it smelling fresh and feeling soft. There are tonnes of choices when it comes to beard oils and balms, with many brands and oil types to choose from. Depending on your beard thickness and skin type, you can find an oil that works for you. Oils are great for everyday use and help to keep your beard moisturized, as well as encouraging growth and thickness too.

Get good grooming tools

Just because you’re growing your facial hair, doesn’t mean that you won’t need to ever trim it. Investing in some good grooming tools are a great way to keep your beard looking great. If you like to rock a goatee, you’ll need a precise razor to create the perfect look, and even those with a full Viking beard will need to trim areas down every now and then. 

Precision tools and even old school razor blades can help you shape your beard and get rid of any excess hair on the rest of your face. The key to a good beard is a neat one, which means keeping on top of those pesky hairs that grow on your cheeks and neck.

Encourage growth of sparse areas

For those of you who haven’t quite reached their full beard potential yet, have no fear. There is a range of products you can use to encourage beard growth and fill in those sparse areas. You can use natural remedies such as castor oil to encourage hair growth, or more modern methods such as a beard tint can help make your beard look darker and fuller. 

There are also various treatments that you can buy that help your hair to grow in better.

Avoid ingrown hairs and beard rash

No one likes ingrown hairs, but they are an unfortunate consequence of rocking a beard. Regular facial exfoliation and beard washing can help to avoid these pesky nuisances that can cause breakouts and spots. 

For avoiding beard rash, try to resist the need to itch as you could make it worse. Soothe your beard and skin instead with a gentle cleanser or aloe vera.

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