5 Important Things To Bear In Mind With Timber Decking

Most homeowners look no further than timber when thinking about creating a terrace in the backyard, and for good reason, as seasoned hardwood looks great and it can stand the test of time. However, it isn’t merely a question of ordering the timber and starting your home improvement project. With that in mind, here are a few essential aspects of timber decking for you to consider.

Timber Species

As you would expect, there are quite a few timber species that can be used for decking, with hardwood being the preferred type of timber. Spotted gum is a firm favourite with Aussie homeowners, as this species ticks all the boxes from a homeowner’s perspective. Jarrah and merbau are also popular, with grey or red ironbark offering stunning grain finishes in a range of shades. There is timber decking in Melbourne stores from an established supplier, where you can view a wide range of hardwood decking and make the right choice.



The thickness of the decking is another important thing to consider, and the thicker the decking, the more expensive. The typical range of plank thickness runs from 19-25mm, with the upper being ideal, and it is worth noting that thicker planks are less likely to warp. It is best to buy seasoned hardwood as this will not bend or warp, and only the best parts of the tree are used for timber decking, plus the timber is specially treated.


The width of the planks would come in 3 sizes, 90mm, 120mm and 140mm, whichever you prefer. Even a small terrace looks cool with the wider size, but it is really down to personal preference, and with countersunk screws, your decking will look stunning.


The great thing about the Internet is you can very easily compare any product for prices, and when you are looking for quality timber for outdoor use, a timber decking Melbourne supplier like Market Timbers sells a variety of materials in prices that are unbeatable. It is worth noting that the best quality timber will not be the cheapest, so do take that into account when choosing your wood for decking.


Regardless of what timber you use, it should be installed by professionals, and many decking suppliers also offer an installation service, which is worth noting. The foundation of your deck needs to be solid so your decking withstands the test of time, giving you many years of trouble-free use. The installation company would offer you a full warranty on the decking, which is reassuring, and with a little TLC now and then, your decking will remain in good shape for many years to some.


As with most home improvements, the better quality the timber, the more costly it could be. However, if you want hardwood that will withstand the harsh climate, you are advised to choose top quality timber from an established decking supplier. Feel free to discuss your needs with your local supplier as they can always suggest quality timber that’s suitable for your requirements and fits your budget.

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