Every Smart Parent's Guide to Self-Defense

Parenthood is already tough enough as it is, with all the milestones our kids need to cope with, all the growing, changing, and questions they ask. On top of all that, we are the safe-keepers of their health, wellbeing, and their journey towards adulthood, which makes our role in their lives precious and unique. For that very reason, self-defense should be a key variable in your life, a goal you should consistently strive to achieve and improve.

On the whole, self-defense is not a single ability, but a set of skills that help you keep yourself from harm and prevent any physical or emotional damage to befall your youngsters. In this complicated, messy world of ours, everything from safe gun use, martial arts classes, all the way to preventative security measures can help increase your family safety. Here are a few suggestions to bring out your protective instincts and to help you act in your family’s best interest when facing a threat to your safety.

Take up a krav maga course

Single moms, soon-to-be moms, and single parents in general often feel that traditional martial arts courses aren’t fully geared towards their own situation, and that is a fair assessment. It’s not realistic to expect a pregnant woman or a dad wearing his baby to seamlessly knock out an assailant with a head kick. This is where real-life skills such as krav maga save the day, to help parents take up a course adapted to their needs.

There are other, mixed martial arts classes available too, ones that are designed to help parents learn simple, effective techniques, learn to read body language to recognize a potential threat, and of course, master the most effective steps before, during, and after a conflict to defend themselves properly.

Learn how to use and store your firearm

As you’ve probably already learned from your krav maga instructor, intruders in your home or even an assailant in the street might have a weapon on them, which makes it much more challenging to defend yourself and your kids. In this scenario, owning and knowing how to use a gun can be a true, literal life-saver. First and foremost, make sure that you use a secure gun cabinet  to store your firearm safely and ensure your kids don’t have access to your weapon or the bullets, which should be stored separately.

Some safes come with smart features such as fingerprint recognition for added security, and you should check for the capacity so that your firearm can fit comfortably and leave room for you to reach inside in one simple move. This way, you’ll keep your home and your family safe from intruders, and you’ll prevent any gun-related accidents at home.

Practice makes perfect

Now that you’ve taken a krav maga course or a similar self-defense martial arts seminar, and you’ve mastered the essential defensive moves and the right behavioral patterns, you need to regularly keep yourself in check. These moves are typically adapted to your own abilities, but even if they do come naturally to you, regular visits to the instructor or the gym are necessary to refresh your knowledge and keep your body in excellent form.

The same goes for using any kind of a legal weapon you’re entitled to have for self-defense purposes. If you own a gun, for example, excellent marksmanship and responsible ownership are qualities you should nurture to make sure you always handle the weapon in a safe, controlled manner.

Home security is a must

Your safety nook, your very own oasis shouldn’t be a place where you or your kids feel threatened. A part of that self-defense mindset is taking the needed steps to keep your home safe especially from burglars and thieves, and any kind of intruders. These precautions should be part of your daily routine, so when your kids are old enough, you can show them how to implement them on their own, too.

For instance, how you store your spare key to the main entrance should be common knowledge in your home: never leave it in easily reachable spots, but rather with a trusted neighbor or in a spot that an intruder could never find. Make sure all of your locks are sturdy, and consider installing an alarm system just in case. This is a worthy investment especially if you have various entry points to your home.

This is by no means an easy feat, nor is it something you can master over a quick, month-long course and then enjoy the perks. It’s a lifelong lesson in implementing the most effective, family-friendly measures that include modifying your own behavior, preventative security steps, and ongoing education and training. It’s also an opportunity to be a role model for your kids and to teach them to one day stand up for themselves in any situation.

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