Breathtaking Alpine Hiking Destinations for the Adventurer in You

The Alps cover seven countries and is famous for huts and inns over traditional tents and camping gear. The range months of May to October are a good time of the year to embark on such a journey. Alpine hiking is widely seen as a rewarding and unique experience, something that you can consider as a part of your life's bucket list - along with other adventure-seeking loved ones.

Chamonix Mont-Blanc Swiss Alp

This famous Swiss alp trek, featuring the highest point of the Swiss alps does not just have the traditional Swiss charm that makes it a deadly combination of beauty, ferocity as a hiking trail, and memorable quality. Its snowcap is also lauded as the majestic inspiration for the Mont Blanc fountain pens, also lauded as the summit of fountain pen standards among enthusiasts.

The Mont-Blanc traverses three countries: Italy, France, and Switzerland. One of its popular starting points is an hour and a half away from Geneva airport. This is a preferred point of entry for Mont-Blanc hikers and the journey takes an average of one week to traverse properly with tourist stopovers at strategically located inns.

The Heidi Trail in Maienfield, Graubunden

The Heidi Trail is a 12-kilometer route of verdant beauty, youth, verve, and poetic inspiration. The famous Johanna Spyri Heidi novels gave its moniker as "The Heidi Trail." It's situated in the Maienfield of Graubunden. The Heidi house that can be found in the middle of the trail has since been turned into a museum to the delight of its tourist hikers. This is a more beginner-friendly leg. It can be followed by the more advanced Heidalp hike that lasts an additional four hours for more hardcore adventure seekers.

Unlike the Mont Blanc, which starts off at the airport and a shuttle van, the main starting point of this hike is the Maienfield railway station in Switzerland. The best months to visit are also longer than the usual alpine hikes and can happen anywhere between April and November.

Zermatt and Matterhorn

While the ones mentioned above pertain to a trail or two, Zermatt differentiates itself as a world of mountains on its own right. It has access to more than 400 kilometers of trail hiking grounds and 38 peaks for tourists of varying mountaineering skill levels.

As it's incredibly popular, it's also a romantic destination and a place for food trips and other gastronomic delights. The diverse amount of hiking trails in this region make both do it yourself (DIY) treks and planned trails accessible to most visitors. The most picturesque and breathtaking views can be found in the pilgrimage to the five lakes: Moosjisee, Stellisee, Leisee, Grindjisee, and Grunsee.

Berchtesgaden Alps

In Austria and Germany's alps lies a verdant gem of its own. The Berchtesgaden Alps boast of having a national park within the alps and sets it a cut above the rest because of its unique structure. The center is within Bavaria, Germany and Salzburg, Austria.

Italy Dolomites

This inn-to-inn dolomite traversing the alps goes from Gardena Valley to Cortina d'Ampezzo in Italy. It's still an alpine trek, but it boasts of additional colors from limestones. It's also rich in wildflowers, sunny skies, and lined by luxurious hotels or lodging of five-star quality.

The typical journey begins at Ortisei then proceeds to Schlernhaus and Platkofel. Afterward, it goes to Selva, Corvara, San Cassiano, Rifugio Lagazuoi, and finally, a transfer to Cortina. The whole journey takes a week and you can find many sample itineraries of its hike online.

A more hassle-free option is to book an expert in alpine hiking to plan your tour of the Swiss alps. This way, you have more time to enjoy your journey and destination instead of furrowing your brows over the nuts and bolts that other seasoned travel planners in the Swiss alps have already navigated expertly with their numerous clients.

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