Don’t Let Acne Doom Your Child to Failure

Having access to an effective acne treatment regime can make or break your kid's life. Severe forms of acne can make the life of any teenager infinitely difficult, which can lead them down a slippery slope.

In a world that idolizes beautiful and flawless skin, suffering from acne is known to ruin numerous lives. People suffering from this skin condition, especially teenagers and young adults, bear the brunt of it. Young, self-conscious, and yearning for societal approval, this group of people is readily susceptible to ridicule.

Acne is a skin disorder that results in spots and breakouts in the upper body. The disease affects the shoulders, back, and chest, but is particularly devastating when it touches the face and the neck. Having your pick from the various effective acne treatments in Salt Lake City can keep this skin condition from ruining your life.

Poor body image

Skin disorders can be mild, moderate, or severe, and unsightly skin blemishes and breakouts characterize all types. The lesions and pus-filled pimples that accompany this condition often becomes a great source of shame for most people. As a result, they tend to alter their behavior to hide their shame.

Teenage girls resort to using their hair to hide the breakouts on their faces. Some resort to using heavy makeup to hide the lesions or scars. Unfortunately, the chemicals in these cosmetics only serve to aggravate the situation, leading to flare-ups.

"Pimple-faced" is one of the adjectives used to describe teenage boys afflicted by this condition, which only serves to body shame them. Boys with acne over their shoulders, chest, or back often avoid public locker rooms. That means they shy away from taking part in sports to avoid the ridicule that would come from taking off their shirts in public.

Nose diving self-esteem

People suffering from severe forms of acne often grow up with low self-esteem and confidence. Large painful nodules and cysts on the face characterize the acute stages of this condition. The flare-ups then become a sense of identity.

Teenagers often tie their identity to their physical looks. They will think that everyone sees them as ugly and is afflicted with hideous pimples and scars. That depletes a massive portion of their self-confidence.

The verbal abuse and the misconception that acne results due to poor hygiene don't help the matter either. In the face of such a cruel onslaught, many teenagers readily buy into the negative self-image. They begin to see themselves as lesser beings who are incapable of achieving greatness.

Declining academic performance

Most school-going children are unaware of the adverse effects of inflicting psychological and emotional abuse on their fellow students. The frequent name-calling and taunting results in lasting trauma for the victim. It may lead the victims to develop social anxiety or even lead to depressions.

Students with severe acne are likely to skive school at any available opportunity. They are also known to avoid participating in schools to avoid the inevitable snickering that is likely to result. They become disengaged learners who view learning as a chore and this often leads to poor academic performance.

While acne is a skin condition with no known quick-fixes, having an effective treatment regime can help keep it in check. It can help teenagers avoid the psychological and emotional abuse at schools and help improve their social lives.

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