'How To Prep For Spring With EOS Lip Balm

Who doesn't desire soft, kissable lips, right?

The environment both outdoors and indoors can do a number on your lips leaving them dry, chapped and even blistered during the seasons. From snowstorms to 90 degree days to biting winds and heated or airconditioned homes, our lips are delicate and easily irritated because they lack oil and sweat glands to keep them supple. In other words, everyone's lips need protection and moisture.

That is why an exceptional lip balm like EOS should play a key role in your beauty routine. It's time to pamper and prep for spring, and get your pretty pucker in perfect condition.

Exfoliation is a wonderful treatment before applying your favorite EOS lip balm. You can purchase a soft toothbrush for this purpose to remove old, dead skin cells, get the circulation revving and add a subtle plumping to the lips.

Apply a little petroleum jelly to the toothbrush, and brush your lips in a circular motion. You could also make a honey/sugar scrub; dip your toothbrush into it, and scrub your lips for a minute. These simple beauty treatments will leave your lips prepped and smooth and ready for an EOS lip swipe.

You have tons of choices when it comes to lip balm, but not every brand measures up. EOS lip balm happens to be made of rich, soothing ingredients that shield your lips in the best possible way. The balm is famous for its adorable sphere shape that reaches every nook and cranny and comes with a smart, closeable cap. EOS lip balm is proud of its 100-percent natural base and certified organic status.

When it comes to EOS, you have great selections that include visibly soft and deeply hydrating, weightless and wax-free, shimmer and tint or SPF and medicated balm. If there's any kind of lip issue, this brand has you covered and offers the best in hydration and smoothness.

EOS is also easy to obsess over for its award-winning rich and indulgent flavors, OMG! What better way to welcome the spring season with a refreshing bevy of balm?

EOS balm is like enjoying potato chips. You can't stop at just one. You need a collection to stash in all the key places. Your makeup bag is the ideal place to start and should always feature at least one balm. EOS offers luscious tints for a subtle hint of color like the Zen Lip Balm 2-pack that includes Sweet Rose Quartz and Jade Matcha Tea.

You should also stash one or two EOS balm in your car's glove compartment for year-round convenience. A swipe of the balm during a cool spring morning or evening will soothe and protect your lips with amazing coca and shea butter. Try Coconut Milk or Honey Apple with an effective blend of four moisturizing oils.

You can always quickly locate your EOS lip balm and even when it's sitting on the bottom of your bag. Its classic sphere shape and clickable cover make it clean and easy to reach for. EOS' Classic Mint balm is one of the brand's rockstar favorites and another yummy flavor for springtime. Its creamy base, sweet scent and tingling mint infusion are delightful for the lips 24/7.

EOS is a natural and organic formula that looks to Mother Nature for exquisite moisturizing elements. From jojoba oil to sunflower seed oil to avocado oil, each ingredient plays a key role in creating the softest, most kissable lips on the planet.

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