How to Help Your Child Perform Well in their Tests

Exams are a big challenge for kids, no matter what their age. Fortunately, there are plenty of things that parents and carers can do to help. If your children know they have your full support, they will likely perform better in their tests. I have teamed up with St Catherine’s School, a prep school in Middlesex, to offer parents some advice around helping children manage the pressure of their exams so that they can perform well on the day.

Firstly, it’s vital to make sure your child is getting plenty of sleep. Rest helps us feel relaxed and revitalised, which is important for children who need to be alert and attentive. If your child is tired, they won’t be able to concentrate during lessons or revision sessions and they’ll be distracted on the day of the test. Regular exercise and a healthy diet are also important in ensuring your child is in good health for their exams.

Performing well in a test takes more than good physical health. Your child will also need a healthy mind-set. It’s a good idea to promote positivity around your home by approaching the exams with optimism. Be sure to praise them when they have put in the effort and comfort them by letting them know that as long as they try their best, that’s all they can do.

When your child is revising at home, try to help them make it as engaging as possible. You can do so by understanding your child’s learning style and helping them set up a revision environment that suits them. For example, auditory learners like to talk through and discuss what they have learnt, so you could allow them to invite a study buddy round. Visual learners will prefer to draw diagrams, so be sure to supply them with lots of stationery and coloured pens.

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