Tips For Making Your Friends Think You Are An Amazing Cook-Even If You're Not

Not everyone is a brilliant cook but even if you aren’t a whizz in the kitchen, you can still convince your friends that you’re a gourmet chef if you follow these top tips!

1.Preparing Raw Onions
If you’ve ever made a salad with raw onions and thought they tasted too pungent, no problem. Fill a bowl with cold water and soak them first before slicing and you’ll discover their odor and flavour isn’t so overwhelming.

2.Seriously Impressive Coffee
If your friends are just popping around for a coffee, impress them with a barista style coffee made with a sprinkling of cinnamon and just a tiny pinch of salt. Add before you brew your coffee grounds and you’ll find that your coffee not only isn’t bitter but is actually amazing. Also, if you invest in a milk frother, you’ll achieve the true coffee shop look when you serve a brew. You can find more details on this link about how to choose the right one for you.

3.Banish Bland Vegetables
If you hate the boring taste of boiled vegetables, try cooking with stock instead of plain water. You’ll be amazed by how much richness and flavor you’ll taste.

4.Forget Table Salt
Table salt is a useful addition, but kosher salt is even better. As it’s less processed it has larger crystals and is flakier than regular salt. This makes it a lot simpler to control the amount you aadd to your food.

5.Make Your Meat Tender
Tenderizing your meat can be a pain, but if you use the velveting method even the toughest steak will suddenly be silky and moist. Coat the slices of meat in egg whites and cornstarch then add a dash of rice wine to really bring out the flavor.

6.Spice Up Your Stews And Sauces

You’ll be surprised by the difference a spoonful of mustard can make to your sauces and stews. It really rounds out the flavors, and mac and cheese with a touch of mustard is something to be believed – it’ll go from bland to fabulous in seconds!

7. Make Your Pastry Flaky
There’s nothing more professional than a flaky pie crust. You can make yours perfect by adding a little dash of vodka into the dough. Don’t worry, you won’t have a vodka-tasting pie as the alcohol will be cooked away, however you’ll be amazed by how tender your pastry will be. Also, remember to use cold ingredients for the most flaky and buttery pastry – not just the butter but the sugar and flour too.

8.Tasty Eggs
If you’re cooking breakfast, scrambled eggs are super easy and super delicious. You can make yours even more fluffy and creamy by adding cornstarch to the egg mix. They’ll never be rubbery again.

9.An Amazing Chili Thickener
If you’re sick of your chili being watery and less than palatable, thicken it up with masa harina. Mix it with beer before you add it into your chili.

10.Make The Ultimate Iced Tea
If your iced tea is always bitter, add a tiny pinch of baking soda. You find the tannins are neutralized and your tea will taste amazing.

11. Warm Your Plates
When you’re serving hot food, never serve it on a cold plate. That’s a surefire way to unappetizing and cold food straight after it arrives on the table. Warm the plates before you plate up the food and your eating experience will be hugely upgraded. Just put the plates into your oven at 200 degrees and leave them there for around 5 minutes. Of course, if you’re serving cold food you shouldn’t warm your plates! If you’ve been a delicious salad, cool down the plates by popping them into your refrigerator for around 20 minutes before you plate up the salad – perfect!

With these expert top tips, you’ll give the impression of being a fully qualified chef, even if you’re not that great in the kitchen! Whether you’re preparing food for your family or friends, these simple hacks are sure to impress and your food will taste just great. Why not put them to good use even when you don’t have guests around to eat!

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