Decor Trends From The 90s You Must Dig Into Right Now

It has been more than 20 years now that we have moved away from the 90s’, but it seems nearly impossible to stay away from the amazing trends that it has left behind.

Let us tell you, the 90s’ era was all about graphic colours, patterns and neutral Japanese-inspired spaces, which have paved way for various “oh-so-innovative” home decors.

Here, we have summed up a list of the 90s’ trends that one cannot afford to miss in this modern world. So, feel a little nostalgic and relive these amazing interior design trends that set the stage for modern world.

1.      Geometric Tone
This late 80s’ carryover trend is still followed by majority of population. The edgy geometric-printed rugs, wallpaper, bedding and even throw pillows have dominated the home decor trend for over a decade.

People still can’t get over this vibrant trend and you can easily find bold accent pieces like a geometric bookshelf or wall pattern in one’s house.
2.      Pastels
These super hot hues of 90s’ can be paired with bright neon colours and rich-tone accessories.
Even after 20 years, these colours haven’t failed to bring one’s home back to life. The blend between pastels is also highly motivated by interior decorators. You can try it out by blending Rose Quartz and Serenity, as it gives out a perfect colour combination.

3.      Brass Intonation
Even today, the warm metal accents are loved by everyone around the globe. However, this amazing piece has paved its way from the 90s shiny brass fixtures.

If you wish to add some charm to your tradition kitchen, then we’d suggest you go for a weathered antique brass. If you strike the perfect colour combination with brass accent, then you can surely get the perfect space to enjoy.

Try contracting soft colours like white and blue to match up easily with brass accessories.

4.      Track Lights
Track lighting effect was the most talked about trend in the early 90s’ and ever since it has been going strong. People have started to use it as their home decor material. There is a wide range of track lights available in chic, slim, utilitarian and bold varieties.

5.      White Kitchen
If you want to add grace to your kitchen, then white would be your go-to colour. Well, the love for white is never going to fade.

Before the middle of the decade, minimal white spaces became extremely popular. When it came into trend, the popularity of bold primary colours instantly faded.

A positive point of using white colour in kitchen is that it will give out a vibe of clean and sleek ambience. These points make it the topmost choice for modern kitchens with the addition of classic and practical elements like marbles and tiles.

6.      Hunter Green
This is the colour of sophistication which adds library-like vibes to the late 80s’ homes. Not to mention, this trend was followed till the early 90s’ too.

Even today, we are using an emerald-infused version of classic green and mind you, people still love the effect. When paired with black and white and brass tone, it gives out a dominating aura and soothing effect.

7.      Black And White
Over the years, we have seen different versions of black and white combination. Right from the music videos of Madonna to vintage-checkered tile flooring, this design has been in trend in the 90s.

Even after so many years, people just can’t get over this energetic colour combination. This contrast provides a fresh and modern look. You can use patterned rugs or wallpapers with light wood flooring to set the right contrast.

8.      Floral Print
Colour combination is not the only trend which was in limelight in the 90s. Even floral prints were extremely popular. These prints add a bold, fresh and pretty look to your home decor.

You can easily incorporate these floral prints at your home by contrasting some oversized watercolour flowers with white sofa and indigo or bright coloured walls.

9.      Wallpaper
In the 90s’, various types of wallpaper, such as floral, geometric print and country-inspired wallpaper were widely found everywhere in many homes. This trend is back again with a completely different look.

Undoubtedly, altered wallpapers with vintage-inspired prints and colours are an elegant art addition to your home decor.

10.   Saturated Colour
The bright neon hue matched with graphic pops of primary colour was the most used decor trend in the late 80s’ and early 90s’. You can find these bold colours in diverse accent pieces and colour-blocked rooms.

Instead of changing the colour, people now-a-days add a colourful graffiti-inspired backsplash. These types of wall paintings are widely used to give your home a completely different meaning.

11.   Knotty Pine
You might have observed that dark hardwoods are used broadly and are currently in trend.

Well, knotty pine is not far away. It is the blonde counterpart of dark hardwood and is making a huge comeback. In modern homes, natural warm wood flooring, live-edgy furniture near the fireplace and blended lights twinkling at every corner can give a very soft and cozy look.

This 90s’ style blending with modern decor style is going to be the future approach method.

12.   Farmhouse Style
Gone are the days when people used to have floral wallpapers and frilly window valences from the early 90s’. Now, they have started updating this vintage look by converting it into a modern farmhouse style. The blend of wooden furniture and brick fireplace gives out a perfect match showing off this class trend.

You can even merge rustic space with modern elements to create a striking factor. Replacing fireplace with a design radiator is also another example of vintage-modern look. The whole idea behind farmhouse style is to showcase the perfect mismatch between vintage articles and the modern world.

13.   Mauve
The Mauve style was the life of 90s’ home decor, which was found everywhere. However, this trend is coming back in a more innovative form. In the coming years, you can find this trend in the form of accent decor, wallpaper or even furniture for that matter. The colour combinations are also well-maintained that it gives this trend an outstanding look.

14.   Open Shelving
We all have loved Monica Gellar’s open kitchen shelves in the 90s’. Though F.R.I.E.N.D.S left us in the year 2004, we can’t get over the kitchen shelves design.

Even the book-laden built-ins of Meg Raven in ‘You’ve Got Mail’ got us all excited about this style. This 90s’ trend gives a diverse and cosy flea market vibe.

The best part is that it is still trending and has modified according to the modern requirements.

15.   Zen Minimalism
This minimalistic trend is similar to the white kitchen trend. These Japanese-inspired spaces were a distraction for the oversized furniture and loud hues of the early 90s’. This trend includes neutral colours, natural elements and minimal decor. Focusing on the key components of the space is the main objective of Zen minimal.

The popular era has brought us a lot of things like never-ending political, celeb and royal scandals.

Apart from this, it is also known for its amazing home decor trends. With so many ongoing things, it is not a surprising factor that the 90s’ has gone in a blink of an eye.

From fearless colours to flea market look, it has summed up everything. The best thing is the amazing part of the trend is back to be known in a more artistic way!


  1. I grew up in the 90s so I love that they are making a comeback! All of these décor trends are great, thanks for sharing! :)

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  3. I just loved this article. So informative about the trends. Thank you so much for sharing this.