The Unhealthy Habits We're All Guilty Of During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is both a wonderful time and a horrible time. You go through a lot of stress, and it’s natural to slip into some unhealthy habits. Everyone’s guilty of this while they’re pregnant, and to be honest, you’ve got a good excuse! However, when you carry these unhealthy habits after pregnancy, that’s when you have problems!

So, here are a few of the unhealthy habits we’re all guilty of, and how to get out of them after you’ve given birth.
Not Doing Any Exercise
Naturally, when you’re carrying another human inside your body, it’s pretty damn hard to exercise! Most of your days are spent trying to get comfortable and rest as much as possible. You get a lot heavier, which means extra stress on your joints, making it even harder to exercise.

But, when you’re given birth, you get rid of a lot of that weight instantly. Literally, your baby will weigh a few pounds, so you’re immediately lighter. Now, you don’t have the excuse to not exercise, which means you must get back into the habit. There are loads of great resources around, if you check out momsintofitness.com today, you’ll find some excellent exercises that you can do in your home at any time. That’s the secret here; no gym is needed, you just need to find ways of slipping exercise into your daily routine at home. Instead of driving to the shops, walk with your baby in their stroller!
Eating Terrible Food
Ladies, come on, we all eat terrible food when we’re pregnant. We get cravings for the weirdest things ever, and you can bet none of our cravings will be healthy! Whether it’s eating a whole tub of ice cream in two minutes, or binging on three packets of crisps all in a row; we all have bad eating habits during pregnancy.

Again, pregnancy is a good enough excuse for this - in my opinion anyway! But, when you’re no longer pregnant, you can no longer use this reason. My top tip is to throw out all the bad food in your house that you bought while pregnant. Get rid of anything that might tempt you back into your bad ways. Then, fill your kitchen with healthy foods, mainly fruit and nuts. I find these are great healthy snacks to have when you’re peckish.
Watching Too Much TV
The final unhealthy habit we have involves staring at the TV screen for hours on end. Yes, we all binge watch Netflix when we have nothing better to do during pregnancy. When the pains are keeping us up during the night, it’s the perfect excuse to watch a series...or two.

However, watching too much TV is inherently bad for you. It’s bad for your eyesight, but it’s also unhealthy as it means you’re lying down doing nothing. Plus, it makes us crave bad food too! Now that you’re no longer carrying a child, it’s time to put your TV watching habits behind you. Perhaps consider canceling your streaming service, or at least giving yourself a rule that you can’t watch more than a certain number of hours per day.

There you have it; the unhealthy pregnancy habits we’re all guilty of, and how to get out of them after giving birth!

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  1. This is definitely true for most, but sometimes that is ok. I learned to eat whatever my babies wanted while I was pregnant, and everything turned out ok. :) I will say that exercising, or at least getting up and taking a walk, helped make me feel so much better!