The rise of men’s clothing in women’s fashion: the gender-neutral trend

As gender fluidity increases in mainstream society, it has become a trend in women’s fashion. For many women, dressing conventionally through gendered stereotypes is becoming less popular and many can feel a sense of dysphoria in conforming to how society thinks they should dress.

Some examples of clothing that are inspired by traditional male fashion include the suit and designer boyfriend jeans. The popularity of these on the high street has risen more so in recent years. Trilogy Stores, retailers of quality denim, explore how – and why – women are opting for men’s styles to satisfy their need to explore new areas of clothing that help them express who they are.

A shift in attitude

A recent survey, carried out in the US by Fusion, found that 50% of individuals claim that gender is not limited to male and female. Perhaps it is this attitude that has led to many women feeling as though they can wear men’s clothing as part of their wardrobe.

This shift in attitude could be due to the way celebrities and the media now approach gender. In a time when popular-figures such as Jaden Smith wear skirts, the rapper Young Thug claims there’s no ‘such thing as gender’, and Teen Vogue offers an advice column on gender identity, many women feel that now is the time to wear whatever makes them comfortable in themselves.

Changing the stereotypes

Feeling empowered and equal could be one reason that women are beginning to wear traditionally masculine clothing. Many women who are working in corporate environments are surrounded by men in managerial positions. By wearing more masculine pieces of clothing, such as a suit, often breaks down the differences between men and women down, allowing them to feel more equal.

The concept that women can sit next to men in similar clothing becomes infectious – it may lead them to feel more confident and empowered to do things that they might not normally do.

Wearing clothing inspired by men can also remove the pressure of finding the perfect outfit. With a suit, they only need to contend with a couple of pairs of trousers, shirts, ties and a blazer that can be mixed and matched. In the world of contemporary fashion then, hyper-femininity seems to be dissipating in appeal, and clothing appears to be more tailored to the individual, as opposed to the gendered group, than it ever has been before.

What should you wear?

As discussed, a suit is a perfect choice to make you feel authoritative next to the men. To make the most of this look, try ankle-skimming trousers with a slimming, abbreviated jacket, teamed with a polo neck or loose-fitting shirt.

Another option is trousers. They can always make you feel at your best - extending your height and creating a sense of sophistication. Christine Lagarde, a French lawyer and head of the International Monetary Fund, is a notable figure when it comes to women and power dressing. She can often be spotted in a pair of slim-fit navy trousers, with a matching blazer and neck-tie.

When you’re dressing down, boyfriend-cuts are what to wear. The looser, the better – but try to get a pair that is tapered at the leg when you can. To complement this look, try an oversized t-shirt tucked in at one side, helping to show off your figure, and give your street and style credentials a well-deserved boost.

More than anything, wear clothes that make you feel like you.

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