Rejuvenate Your Motherly Look This Winter

With all of the responsibilities and difficulties of motherhood, it can be easy to neglect yourself in the effort to keep your household running well. If you’re balancing a career on top of this, you may find your time even more stretched. If you are a mother, you should rest easy in the knowledge that you have one of the most important and vital jobs on earth, and for this you should feel nothing else than an intrinsic and complete sense of pride. Your efforts now are helping craft beautiful memories which will help your children apply a beautiful home to the familial situation they have when they’re adults. Having a close-knit family is one of the main factors of what makes life worth living.

However, how long was it last since you truly treated yourself? Giving everything to your family is often reward enough, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t reward yourself for everything you do for other people. Maybe it’s time to give yourself a full makeover, to feel like the beautiful and radiant mother you truly are. It’s easy to fall into the same routine and feel less attractive as you age, so taking stock of your beauty at regular intervals can help you feel like the beautiful young woman you are, no matter your age.

Here are a few tips if looking to begin a makeover this weekend:

As we get older, our hair might become thinner or become less adaptable to dyeing. Not only can this be a shame regarding how you’re able to express yourself, but it can leave you keeping the same hairstyle for a while, never changing your look because it means the most for the health of your hair. Tape in hair extensions exist to give us the best and most full looking mane of hair, worthy of the most powerful mother. So there’s no reason that you should limit your looks. Aside from long wavy hair, you can also try yaki clips ins to coarse and different curl patterns that can blend seamlessly with your curls and kinks. It’s true that new hair can make us ladies feel confident and happy in our look, and it’s usually the best place to start if trying to upgrade your personal fashion and wardrobe. Don't limit yourself when it comes to fashion and style. If you do not have much time and energy for getting ready, Curlsqueen got you covered so you can opt to choose natural & versatile yet easy & effortless hair to style anytime of the day on any occasions. 

Winter Garments
Winter is the time in which we’re able to add more layers to our clothing without overheating. Winter wardrobes are often the most fun to work with. We can add more to our outfit without fear. New, beautiful cardigans with deep maroon textures, warming chestnut scarves and a generally darker yet more comforting color aesthetic can all contribute to helping rejuvenate your wardrobe. One of the best fixtures of a winter wardrobe is the coat you wear, so be sure to spend your money getting a premium one which truly makes you happy. We’d recommend going for a sand or dark chestnut trench coat, one with multiple large buttons and/or straps which have that angular yet fashionable look.

Here you can be more tasteful with your jewelry and make bigger impact. Gold jewelry such as the watches you wear can help you make the impact you truly want to, because the dark colors complement the shine well. Experiment, and consider hiring a personal stylist for one day to get tips which can help clothe yourself in the shapes and colors which service your body type and personality well.

With these tips, winter is the season where you will blossom in beauty, unlike the flowers outside.

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