Going Green At Home Doesn't Need To Be A Struggle

If there's one thing that just about everyone is concerned about these days, it's keeping a close eye on their carbon footprint. With all of the fear and worry that surrounds climate change for a lot of people, making sure that you're reducing your environmental impact is right at the top of many people's list of priorities. Of course, it can often feel as though there aren't that many things that you can do. Not only can it feel as though the changes that you make are only minimal, but it can also feel as though reducing your environmental impact is so difficult that a lot of people can't manage it without completely changing the way that they live their lives. However, that's simply not true. In fact, many of the things that you can do to improve your overall environmental impact don't have to make that much of a difference to your day-to-day life at all! Here are just a few easy things that you can do to reduce your environmental impact and make your home just a little bit greener.

Solar panels
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A lot of people assume that bringing solar power into their home isn't really an option. This is often because they think that it's going to be very expensive or perhaps that their home isn't suitable for solar panels. However, the truth is that most homes are perfectly suitable for solar panels and they're a lot of less expensive to install than you might think. In fact, the reality is that you could end up saving money on your power bills because of them in the long run. Companies like Sandbar Solar are fantastic for getting the best possible deal on solar panels and getting them installed into your home. Sure, it's not exactly the simplest solution on this list, but it can make a truly significant difference.   

Keep an eye on your power usage
One of the main reasons that most of us end up using way more power than we need to is simple carelessness. We leave lights on when we leave the room, we leave water running when we don't need to, and we put on our heating or A/C when there are much better ways to deal with the temperature of our homes. If you really want to go green while also saving a pretty significant amount of money on your energy bills then keeping a close eye on how much power you're using really is the best thing possible. If you're cold in the winter, then invest in some thick blankets instead of reaching for the thermostat right away. And make sure that, no matter what, you always turn off and lights when you're not using them. There really is no reason to have lamps and electronic devices running when no one is around.

Go meat free
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This one might sound particularly weird. After all, how is changing your diet supposed to make any difference to your environmental impact? Well, here's a pretty scary fact that most people aren't aware of: the meat industry produces just as much, if not more CO2 than the automotive industry. That might sound ridiculous, but it really is true. If your family goes meat-free, even for a single day a week, it has the same impact on your environmental impact as driving a hybrid car! The great thing about this is that it hardly involves any sacrifice at all! After all, there are hundreds of amazing, meat-free meals that the whole family can enjoy. Of course, no one is trying to get you to go completely vegetarian, but cutting the meat out of your meals for at least a couple of days a week really can have a massive impact on your carbon footprint.

Fix up your insulation
There's a pretty good reason why most of us have much bigger energy bills during the winter than during the summer months. When it's cold, you're that much more likely to end up putting the thermostat up to high. Now, we've already talked about the fact that wrapping up warm in thick clothes and blanket when it's cold is a much better idea than using your central heating, but there are also ways that you can make it a lot less cold in your home as well. Make sure that you've got enough insulation in your home. If drafts are getting through then, your whole house is going to end up as one big ice cube. Things like double glazing might sound incredibly simple, but the truth is that your windows often account for some of the largest amounts of heat loss in your home.

Don't throw stuff away, donate or sell it
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Everyone loves to have a good clear out from time to time. However, while most of us tend to just throw away the stuff that we no longer want, it's much better to donate it instead. Donating things like old clothes can seriously reduce carbon emissions since, instead of a new item being made while you are driven to landfill, someone is able to simply by the things that you don't want anymore. Charities are always looking for items that you can donate. Of course, if you wanted to make a bit of profit from getting rid of your old junk then you could always put it on a site like eBay instead. And for large items, you can use a service like Shiply to find a courier.

It's still very easy to feel like nothing we do is going to make a real difference in the world. And sure, it's governments and big companies who have the power to make real changes when it comes to climate change. However, that doesn't mean that each of us can't make a difference on an individual level. After all, one person trying these tips out isn't going to change the world, but if a thousand, ten thousand, or even a million people try them out and go green, then that really could make a big difference.

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