Lime Crime Creator Doe Deere On How To Succeed In The Beauty Industry

Queen Of Unicorns and Lime Crime founder Doe Deere is feeling very pretty in pink right now. The rainbow-hued makeup maven has had major success with her first cosmetics brand. Deere sees her success as a bit of a Cinderella story, and she wants other aspiring entrepreneurs to know that it can happen for them, too.

Doe Deere was born and raised in Russia, moving to New York City when she was 17. So she spent her formative years crossing quite a cultural line. Today she is living and working in Los Angeles. When asked what kind of child she was, she said that she was ambitious and imaginative, but maybe she didn't dream big enough. She said her biggest dream as a child was to make it as a musician, which was still her goal when she moved to New York.

Hustling to make it as a musician taught Deere important business skills like branding and marketing. It also gave her a deeper appreciation for the people that were supporting her. She said the transition to makeup was easy. She had already made some money selling temporary tattoos as a teenager in Russia.
While in New York, Deere met her husband. They played in the same band, and she credits that experience with teaching her how to collaborate. She also says learning how to promote the band was the beginning of her next business venture, Lime Crime. Deere also attended FIT in New York, majoring in fashion design, which gave her a keener appreciation for color.

Doe Deere's best advice for other aspiring artists and entrepreneurs is, "Follow your heart." She said that many times when she was young being creative left her feeling lonely and different. When she got older, she realized that everyone was unique in their own way, and embracing that helped her to meet her truest potential. Once Doe Deere started following her heart, people started following her, and that was the foundation for Lime Crime.

In 2008, Deere struggled to find the bright makeup colors she loved. When she started making them, other girls started buying them. She had a vision, pursued it, and other people responded. Her success secret is as simple as that. Doe Deere considers all forms of self-styling - hair, clothes, and makeup - an important form of self-expression. Her dearest hope is that Lime Crime gives other women the freedom to be themselves.

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  1. I love Lime Crime, some of the most awesome colours but I had no idea the back story, very inspirational.

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  4. She seems like an amazing woman. She is a true inspiration to people who are dreaming of reaching success in their own respective fields.

  5. Wow a very motivating story to go out there and do what your heart desires. We can al succeed even when crossing cultural boundaries.

  6. Wow! I love Lime Crime and ,now, after reading about the brand I find it so inspirational. Freedom to be oneself is the best thing in the World:)

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