Hosting Your First Dinner Party: FAQ


If you have never entertained guests by throwing a dinner party before, contemplating doing so can be a rather disturbing thought. There seems like there’s going to be so much to manage, from the food and drink through to the need for entertainment. It’s more than possible you’ll get yourself so worked up about the list of tasks that you’re more likely to spend the evening in a mildly-contained form of panic than actually enjoying yourself!

It, therefore, makes sense to get some of the most common questions people have about dinner parties thoroughly answered. All the things you have always been curious about but never felt you can answer - let’s blast through them, settle the debate, and then you can host your first event in peace.

What’s A Good Number Of People For A Dinner Party?
There’s no set perfect number; it depends very much on the dynamics within your friendship group. However, for the ideal dinner party, you want to keep the numbers relatively small - the single figures are preferable. After that point, it’s more of just a party than a particular sit-down dinner party, and it can be tough for everyone to feel heard. So keep it small and intimate; which also has the upside of meaning you have to cook less food!

What Do I Cook?
Whatever you can - and if you can’t, then there’s nothing wrong with buying pre-made food, either! A dinner party can be a culinary experience, but it’s not essential - it is, after all, primarily a social occasion. Provided you’ve food to fill everyone up and have visited a liquor store so you can keep everyone’s glasses topped up, then don’t worry yourself unnecessarily about the food.

How Do I Make Sure Everyone Gets Along?
This can be a particular concern if you’re bringing together people who have never met before but don’t worry, it is possible. First and foremost, steer everyone clear of inherently controversial topics like religion and politics. If anyone appears to be getting worked up and on the verge of arguing, that’s your cue to announce another course, top up everyone’s drinks, or suggest you go for a quick walk in the garden as you’ve all been sitting down for so long!

What Should I Expect Of My Guests?
TV shows often depict people arriving at dinner parties armed with gifts, bunches of flowers, and bottles of wine - but this isn’t necessarily what your friends will do. It’s best to expect nothing regarding gifts and be pleasantly surprised if any are forthcoming. What you can expect from your guests is that they will be polite to one another and respectful of your home; that’s definitely not asking too much.

How Long Does A Dinner Party Last?
As long as you want it to. Even you have to be up early in the morning and don’t want it dragging on, then inform your guests beforehand of when you need your house to be cleared. For the most part, though, try and arrange your event when you have no such concerns and the night can proceed naturally.

Enjoy yourself - you’re the host with the most, and everything is surely going to be wonderful. Cheers!


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