Creating An Arabian Hotel Design For Your Bedroom

The great thing about modern Arabian hotels is, the designers knew that many Westerners would want to visit the Arabian Peninsula. So in turn, the hotels that were designed, have a unique blend of catering for the modern professional, as well as the traveler who wants to get the full Arabic experience. Of course, golds and ruby reds are everywhere you look in most hotel bedrooms in the Arab world, but hotels in the United Arab Emirates, specifically in Dubai, have gone all-out to impress the West. Fantastic lighting, curvaceous chairs, and lounging seats, elegant leather sofas, as well as tables and drawers that have simple yet very unique flicking carvings. You can bring these designs into your home with a little direction and confidence. The beauty of the Arabian designs is, that although very angular, the style isn’t that expensive to replicate. There are a few areas in the bedroom which you could concoct to imitate the sun, sand, and salacious Arabian decor.

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Steady and flickering lights
The lights in Arabian hotels take inspiration from the ancient mosques which had and still do, large circular domes with a sharp point at the top as ceilings. Hanging lights in this fashion are very popular and seemingly very-well liked by guests for their size and luminance. You could hang these style of lights in the corners of the room. Although the design has a lot of glass incorporated into it, the yellowish color of the glass itself spreads the light from inside out, in a more stylish tone. Rather than a pale white, the yellow signifies the sun, which is part and parcel of everyday life in Arabia. However, you could also have candle lamps which are much smaller, but more intimate. For the full daringness of authenticity, these lamps should be oil lamps. Islamic designers in the eighth-century would use these lamps to light the palaces of monarchs.

A golden plump bed
Although there are subtle differences in furniture style, the Arabian design is notable for using a little less golden colors than the Middle Eastern designs. The modern Western hotels have affected the hotels in the Arab world because, now most modern hotels in the region use pale whites, browns, and blacks. You can get a single-tone, supple and soft material from somewhere like split king bed sheets. Unlike the Western hotels, the Arab design doesn’t like to stay monotone because it’s very neutral. Therefore an Egyptian cotton bed sheet, in a pure white, accentuates the smooth as silk material, in a two-tone style. Consequently, the mattress cover sheets can be a contrasting color, giving you more artistic breathing room.

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Beautiful carpets
In the most Arabian city of them all, Dubai, luxury hotels take great pride in having the best carpets for guests, in the world. Dashing, powerful blood red carpets, with intricate diamond designs, are at the height of Arabian decor culture. The entire world knows that the Arabs make the best carpets, so why not incorporate these luscious decor pieces into your home. A large square, pure-cotton carpet, with blues, greens decorative designs and maroon red backgrounds, would fill the space between your bed and dresser. Equally so, your bed could, in fact, be placed on top of the carpet, so the soles of your feet are met with luxury every morning when you get out of bed.  

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