Baste charms his way into our homes in the NeuBake commercial

With all the activities he goes through everyday, Baste always looks forward to a big and hearty merienda. After his daily noontime show, Eat Bulaga, he spends time studying, having fun with his friends, and playing outdoors. That’s why when he gets home, he’s hungry and looks forward to the merienda that Mommy Sheila prepares. Usually, it’s a super-sized sandwich made with NeuBake bread.

This is the inspiration behind the newest commercial for NeuBake Super Slice, the newest white bread from Gardenia, and the latest endorsement from Baste. In the new TVC, we see Baste arriving at home after playing basketball outside. Hungry, he request Mommy Sheila to prepare his favorite merienda, a ham and egg sandwich. Mommy tells him that she’ll make one sandwich for him, and Baste is worried whether he’ll be satisfied with just one sandwich.

Then, Mommy Sheila shows him that she’ll make a sandwich using NeuBake, the latest white bread from Gardenia. She prepares it lovingly, gives it to Baste, and he’s immediately surprised at how big the sandwich is. Mommy explains that only NeuBake comes in Super Slices.

Thea Tan, Marketing Director for NeuBake explains that the commercial was based on Baste’s hearty appetite, and the fact that his favorite merienda is a sandwich: “When we talked to Mommy Sheila, she said that Baste really loves sandwiches, and that’s what he usually asks for after taping or playing outside. That story was the inspiration for the TVC.”

NeuBake Super Slice comes in slices that are bigger than the usual white bread. You’ll immediately see it in the new packaging which is horizontal, which makes it easier to get the bread and enjoy it. It’s a bread that will satisfy the heartiest of appetites, just like Baste’s.

As the commercial continues, we see Mommy Sheila serving the sandwich to Baste and he’s immediately excited by the size. He sees that the sandwich is perfect for his super sized appetite, and takes one big bite, then another, then another. After finishing the sandwich, he rubs his tummy in approval and says that he’s Super Busog, thanks to the Super Slice of NeuBake. The commercial is now on air, and is currently charming the viewers, thanks to Baste.

And now, you can enjoy super sized sandwiches that’s sure to give you super satisfaction. Just like Baste, all you need is a pack of NeuBake, and you’ll get bread that’s super sized, to make you super busog. Best of all, it comes in a super tipid pack that’s just P29!

NeuBake is now available in leading supermarkets and convenience stores nationwide. The NeuBake Super Tipid Pack comes in the classic white bread, and healthy wheaten bread. So, whatever your kids are craving for, you’re sure to be able to satisfy their big appetites with NeuBake.

If you’re looking for sandwich ideas and other ways to satisfy your kids big appetites for bread, visit www.gardenia.com.ph.

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