Food Delivery When You Need it Most

The world is struggling to adapt to the changes brought on by the emergence of COVID-19. People are being told to stay home as much as possible and, if they must go out,  to wear masks and stay six feet away from others. One result of these social distancing guideline is an increase in food delivery directly to homes, especially for families and those at high risk for infection. Restaurants everywhere have risen to the demand and implemented strategies to increase safety for workers and customers. One of these strategies is zero contact delivery in a time of crisis.


Parenthood is already tough enough as it is, with all the milestones our kids need to cope with, all the growing, changing, and questions they ask. On top of all that, we are the safe-keepers of their health, wellbeing, and their journey towards adulthood, which makes our role in their lives precious and unique. For that very reason, self-defense should be a key variable in your life, a goal you should consistently strive to achieve and improve.

On the whole, self-defense is not a single ability, but a set of skills that help you keep yourself from harm and prevent any physical or emotional damage to befall your youngsters. In this complicated, messy world of ours, everything from safe gun use, martial arts classes, all the way to preventative security measures can help increase your family safety. Here are a few suggestions to bring out your protective instincts and to help you act in your family’s best interest when facing a threat to your safety.