Just add it to your list of things easier said than done: “spending more time in nature”. But there’s work to be done, and even when there is none, there’s still some binge-watching or clubbing to do. The hunter-gatherer inside you aches, as the farmer you have been for countless generations wouldn’t mind taking things more easily. Let us take a look in what ways you could add a little more nature into your life.

People raising a child alone are as commonplace phenomenon now as a full family. And it will be extremely wrong to assume that they are completely focused on their careers and kids. Very often, people after thirty with a child look great, take care of themselves, wanna some adventure in daily life. They are keenly interested in other people, not just in diapers, powders, school notebooks, and toys.

Despite the child and the presence of life experience, such people also want to see some new things, to build relationships, they want romance and maybe something more serious. There is no need to avoid such people. Here are some tips on how to date people over 30 with a child.