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The quest to find the best milk tea in town is on. Fortunately for those who can’t get enough of this bubble tea drink, finding a shop that sells milk tea in Metro Manila is not a challenge. Satisfying these cravings are easy because of the abundance of milk tea shops available.

CoCo Fresh Tea and Juice, a Taiwanese company that started in 1997, is a worthy contender on your must-try list. This tea shop is not new in the Philippines – in fact their first branch in the country opened in 2013 at Eastwood Mall. Years later and they’re still serving one of the best-tasting drinks.

We all now live in a world where fashion changes with just a little amount of time. It can transform from one to another. They say that fashion is never constant, there is always change, and we just can’t stop it. While that may be true, there are items that are considered to be must-haves or for some, it is their go-to items.


Care entails practical knowledge and empathy, whether youre looking after an individual with disabilities, medical issues, or age-related handicaps. To go above and beyond, providing the best care possible, youll need to balance your responsibilities alongside your relationship with the person youre caring for, ensuring that youre listening as much as youre providing. Below are listed four factors that contribute to the best kind of care, under whatever circumstances. If youre getting all four right, youll be safe in the knowledge that you couldnt be doing more to help the person under your care.