If you’re planning on training to work with Mental Health – either in the NHS or as a private practitioner it helps to know what are the different end points for that training: if you take a Level in Psychology, you could end up in any one of a wide variety of jobs. Let’s help to give you some focus by putting a spotlight on three kinds of Mental Health professionals.


When you have children, it can often feel like there is no point having nice stuff. It will get ruined or stained if you do, right? For some things, like sofas, delicate ornaments, and carpet, this may very well be the case. But for individual rooms in the house, you can still have a luxury room of your dreams.

Take your bathroom, for example. There won’t be many times that you won’t be in there with them. From diaper changes, potty training, and bathtime, you will be around to supervise them. Plus, the bonus thing is that everything is wipeable. From the bathtub to tiles and shower screens, it will all wash and clean up thoroughly. So it does minimise the risk of having things damaged or stained. Plus, you need at least one room in the home that isn’t filled with everything just for the kids.

But how can you create a luxurious yet practical family bathroom? Here are some tips to help.



"Life brings tears, smiles, and memories. The tears dry, the smiles fade, but the memories last forever."

It's just two months before we end 2017 and holidays are just around the corner. Aside from Christmas, one of the important holidays is Thanksgiving Day. It is one of the holidays every family celebrates in Canada, the United States, some of the Caribbean islands, Liberia, Germany, Japan and UK  which happens in October and November each year. It is more than just a feast because each family has the chance to gather together, have fun and enjoy each other's company. Families have their traditions to give thanks to God for all the blessings received and the gratitude towards each other.