Who loves shopping online?? Me!! Yes, I do. I always look forward to big sale events happening online from different shopping platforms. And for the people who loves to shop online, the best part is to have an individual code you could use to avail promo and significant discount. Am I right? But where could we possibly get vouchers codes for a particular online shop? 

For the past years, I have been looking forward to being able to shop online using coupon codes because it helps me save money. When I watch tv, in the United States they do have "couponing" wherein they can use coupons to buy for next to nothing. Those coupons can save them a huge amount of money or they could even not pay a single penny for the items they bought. I wondered when can we have those here in the Philippines? I can get discount coupons from physical stores as well as from some online stores but, what I am looking for, is how can I get discount codes in just one place?

With the help of searching online, I'd be able to come across a great website that offers discount coupon codes from different online merchants. 

Have you heard about Saleduck? It is an online deal platform that is currently active in 5 markets in Asia and also gaining its great success in European e-commerce market. It was created by Domingo Karsten – co-founder and Chief Executive Officer, and Ben Rogmans – co-founder and Chief Technical Officer which originated from Amsterdam. It has initially begun its business from Europe before they venture in Asian countries. Saleduck® is owned by Bridge Shopping Portals B.V. They have been nominated as Deloitte’s Fast50 Companies 2016 in The Netherlands. 

What's in it for us? Well, good news! Saleduck Philippines is now available. It offers 642 deals at 120 web shops. Yay! You can search for promo codes available in different store categories like Fashion and Lifestyle, Wellness and Beauty, Technology, Home and Living, Gift Ideas, Automotive Needs, Photography and Printing Services and much more. 
In getting your readers opinion on a certain topic, have you already tried creating a poll and used it on your blog/website? A poll can help you listen to your crowd and have a better understanding of the community and where the wind blows. 

Through generating a poll simply and quickly, Apeo now makes things easier whether you are seeking for answers or knowing opinions that matter.

Apeo allows you to ask your readers anything and get quick feedback from your on-going platforms simultaneously while giving you a choice between spreading the word and a more targeted approach. The answers are anonymous, so you know you’re getting them right. You can quickly discover the majority’s viewpoint on an individual issue and learn how your readers/followers view and feel on any given topic.


You might look at your friends, or at other moms on Instagram and wonder how on earth they have the time to do it all. Getting the kids organized, keeping a perfectly pristine home and the big one: cooking amazing home-cooked meals. When you have a million different things to do every day, cooking can often be the very last thing on your mind. Even on the rare occasions when you have a night off from the kids, it's pretty likely that you and your husband would rather go out for dinner than have to cook something from scratch. There is a huge fear of home cooking that has been instilled in many of us - perhaps born from a couple of less than successful meals and the accessibility of takeout and convenience food. But making culinary creations with your bare hands doesn't need to be intimidating - anyone can do it if they know how.