The app below can be downloaded in your Google Playstore for FREE

* Kids Flashcards by SimSam- the app is completely free that shows beautiful image, colors and good sound quality.

* English for kids with Benny- it’s an apps for kid’s basic grammar (though the accent is not American English). It’s suitable for pre-school children. It’s also a free apps that has spelling and speaking games.

*Pororo’s Flashcard- it has English and Korean version. Great quality of sounds and images are clear. Kids could learn words from the category home, food, numbers, tools and machines, animals and pororo characters. Unfortunately it only fits on my Sony Xperia C but its small when I downloaded on my daughter’s tab. I think it will best fit in small screen of android devices

* Kids ABC by Mobiloids – a simple A-Z learning alphabet but the good thing are the kids will get attracted to colorful image of animals that corresponds to every letter. It has a test mode in which your kid’s knowledge about the A-Z letters will be tested. Included in the app is the complete ABC song. It’s an app for 2-6 years old kids to learn the English alphabets.
The app below can be downloaded in your Google Playstore for FREE

* Kids Animal Piano Free- When I first downloaded the apps all the songs and instruments are free but now they made changes that you will need to unlock for the full version by completing an offer from one of our sponsors. The good thing is its protected by a kid’s lock to make sure our kids won’t be able to click any offer that may possibly harm the phone or tab. The free version

Contains the following songs:

• BINGO • Black Sheep • Brother John • Happy Birthday • This Old Man

Also contains the following “instruments”:

• Dog • Cat • Rubber Duck • Frog • Chick • Pig

* Kids Magic Piano- it’s almost same as the Kids Animal Piano. It has English songs and Indonesian songs too. You can auto play the song that comes along with lyrics. It contains cat, dog, chicken, duck, cow, horse and sheep sounds.
It was year 2013 when I first joined online promo when someone from my Facebook friend shared a page who was having their promo that time. It made me curious and try to join because I am bored at home. I just had my first child and a full time mom. At first I was hesitant to give my details and join all the giveaways/promo. But when I first got my prize from winning one of those giveaways it inspire me and I crave more for prizes. I tried my very best to know every details on how to join giveaways. I saw a friend posted an album of all his winnings which  makes me eager to join while I am taking care of my daughter at home. Since I also have my Nanay and my sisters with me to take care of my baby I have more time to spend in front of my computer. I searched the internet if there’s also international giveaways.I made my account on Twitter, IG, Tumblr, Pinterest, Linkedn and many more social media site aside from Facebook. From then on I already won lots of prizes from toiletries, mobile phones, tablet, cash, foods, GC, prepaid load and clothing. I started making albums of my winnings since 2014 not to brag my prizes but to make an inspiration that social media is not only for stalking people or wondering around websites.

Here are the albums I shared so far:
year 2013 https://www.facebook.com/arRa.odeza/media_set?set=a.474238062612631.91526.100000793246239&type=3

year 2014 https://www.facebook.com/arRa.odeza/media_set?set=a.604798189556617.1073741865.100000793246239&type=3
year 2015 https://www.facebook.com/arRa.odeza/media_set?set=a.762607230442378.1073741881.100000793246239&type=3