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At this time, many people have been looking for ways to earn money aside from having been employed by a company or having their own business. The cost of the commodities is getting higher and higher as the time pass. For students, housekeepers, and unemployed people, working online is one of their solutions to make a living. There are lots of opportunities online, but you also need to exert time and effort to look for them. You could earn by being a virtual assistant, a freelancer or a blogger. But have you heard about being an affiliate and how you can earn from it? 

Affiliate program is a marketing program where merchants or advertisers recruits people who own a website to place banner ads, text links and other advertising materials where webmasters can earn commissions once a customer purchase products through the affiliate link. One popular affiliate program is the Gearbest in-house affiliate program. What is Gearbest and how can you benefit from them? How can you make money from your blog traffic? 

Gearbest is an online shopping platform in six languages that sell electronic gadgets, cell phones, toys, home products and even different kind of apparels for men, women, and kids. They have over 500, 000 products that come from 7 local warehouses. 


Photography is an artistic passion that many people hold. Most of us take photos often of various things in our lives. However, there are some individuals who take a more artistic approach to photography. These people often want to try and make money from their talent, even though it can be hard. If you are one of those people, you may be wondering where you can start. It's not easy to make money from any art, especially photography. However, it is possible if you're willing to try. If you want to be a photographer with a steady income, you should have a look at some of the options below.